According to court filings Patrick Dubbert, the husband of Walmart heiress Paige Laurie, is asking for a quarter million dollars a month as spousal support after taxes or $400,000 before taxes.

He must have a large boat he wants to buy. Since Paige did not earn any of this money, Patrick cannot make this claim since he did not help her achieve that much. Paige inherited this money.

Accustomed Lifestyle should mean Nothing

Dubbert has said in his filings that he has become accustomed to the lifestyle enjoyed by Paige that included living in the $11 million dollar home for the almost six years of marriage, lavish yacht parties that cost $500,000 each, and similar luxuries. Dubbert also has said that he used to work for Walmart and now needs time and money to find himself another job.

Cut all that Out Dubbert: Join the Real World

Dubbert claims that he currently spends six months of the year in a Santa Monica apartment while he spends the rest of the time in his parents’ home. Dubbert estimates his monthly expenses to include $40,000 to $60,000 for rent, furniture at $10,000, chef at $6,700, personal trainer at $2,500, charity at $2,500, clothes at $5,000, travel at $30,000, entertainment at $80,000, personal stylist at $1,000, and driver at $4,000.

Dubbert has said that Paige receives $872,000 a month as dividends from her stocks and as such can afford to pay him what he is asking for. Paige rightfully inherited this Dubbert, you did not. That is a distinct difference!

This is where Patrick Dubbert lives, fantasy land ($80,000 a month for entertainment).

Dubbert has argued that he needs time and money to find a new job as he was working for Walmart while married to Paige and that he has become accustomed to the lavish lifestyle in the almost six years he was with Paige. He claims that the law provides for a divorced spouse to be supported by their ex in the same lifestyle to which they had become accustomed and as such he is entitled to be paid by Paige who has the money and income to do so.

An Outstanding Prenuptial Agreement for Dubbert

Paige and Dubbert have a prenuptial agreement that says Dubbert is entitled to $30,000 a month in spousal support. Dubbert is, however, trying to get the prenup overturned saying Paige’s lawyer convinced him to not use an independent lawyer and that her parents also put pressure on him to sign the prenup.

Experienced Divorce Lawyer

When a couple decides to divorce, the two main contentious issues are likely to be finances and children. If there are children involved, a divorce lawyer will be needed to ensure that issues of child custody and child support are decided properly and in accordance with the law.

The couple cannot agree on these issues, the divorce lawyer will help file a case in court to resolve the problems. Similarly, couples can either agree on the financials such as spousal support and division of property or retain the services of lawyers to ensure that their rights are protected.

If the couple has a prenup agreement, then the divorce settlements will normally be decided based on the prenup. However, otherwise, the wealthier spouse will be expected to pay spousal support to ensure that the poorer spouse can continue to live the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. The spousal support will also depend on the income of the spouse who is expected to make the payment. Visit for more information on family and divorce law.