New York, NY- There are many marriages built to last and will and the couple will fortunately be able to stand true to the vow “‘Til death do us part.” However, for approximately 30 percent of couples, divorce is the cards.

One of the many things that drive a couple to divorce—and they are many—is couple’s drinking habits. Many personal habits affect a couple’s ability to have a lasting marriage. The skill to communicate about disputes or interpersonal issues such as drinking habits can go a long way to save a marriage.Heavy drinking and other problems in a marriage are not always easily resolved and a spouse may see no other alternative to seeking out a divorce attorney.

In a 2013 study from Norway, 20,000 couples were surveyed about their drinking habits to determine how their drinking habits affected their decision to stay together or to split up. Researchers found that the largest predictor for divorce was the wife’s drinking habits. Couples in which the wife is the heavy drinker had the highest divorce rate at 26.8 percent, the Huffington Post reported.

One of the researchers speculated that heavy drinkers, who are women, tend to be more impaired and their drinking interfered with their role as mother and affected the upbringing of the couple’s children. Men may be more likely than the women to leave a marriage when the issue of drinking arises and their wife drinks more heavily.

In contrast, couples who consumed alcohol at approximately the same rate had a better chance of having a lasting marriage, especially when both partner are light drinkers.  The study found that only 5.8 percent of marriages where both spouses were light drinkers ended in divorce. There was a reduced risk of divorce when a couple completely abstained from alcohol.

The study which appeared in the journal, Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, concluded that the more a couple drinks the higher their risk of divorce. While drinking can drive a couple to a split, the divorce itself can drive couples to drink. A 2012 study found that men are more likely to drink heavily or binge drink. The study concluded that marriage had an effect on a man’s drinking habits and often caused them drink less than if they were single.

There are many factors that contribute to a divorce but this study showed that drinking had a great influence on our relationship, more than many couples may realize. Deciding to divorce is not an easy thing to do, there are so many things to consider aside from the emotional aspects.

The process of unraveling a couple’s finances alone can be daunting, let alone figuring out child custody arrangements. The mundane aspects of a divorce intertwine with emotional aspects which can make it extremely difficult for a couple to come to mutual agreements, because of this many couples turn to a divorce attorney to give them guidance and protect their interests. When you need a stellar divorce attorney set up a consultation now.