Spokane, WA- Child custody is a complex and even when a couple is able to come up with satisfactory child custody arrangement, issues will arise that will complicate matters. One of those issues arises when the parent with primary custody decides they want to move out of state. This is a common so parent needs to know how it will affect your child custody arrangement since it can be a major sticking point.

If you and your spouse don’t have a formal custody arrangement, you have little recourse to keep the custodial parent from moving and taking your children. This is why you and your spouse should allow a child custody lawyer in Washington to formalize your arrangement.

Firstly, the custodial parent must notify the other parent about their plans to move out of state at least 60 days prior to the move. This notice is required by Washington state law; you can’t just move and take the children with you without getting the necessary permissions from the non-custodial parent and the courts. Failing to notify the non-custodial parent of an out-of-state move can lead to sanctions including being required to pay the other spouse’s legal fees, a contempt of court charge or being required to move back.

The non-custodial parent has 30 days to file their objection to the move and must list the reasons why they think it would not be in the child’s best interests.

The non-custodial parent must sign formal documents and present it to the court which has the final say on any move or other change to child custody arrangements. After all the documents are turned in, the court will look at several things before approving of a move. Washington law requires the courts to consider tens points before approving a move including if custodial parent got a new job or an educational opportunity, received an increase in income or plans to re-marry, will all be taken into consideration when deciding whether to accept the custodial parent’s request to move.

Even if a non-custodial spouse chooses not to challenge a long-distance move, amending= a child custody arrangement is a major process that requires filing the right paperwork, meeting deadlines and getting the right signatures. It is a process that can be delayed with a simple error or missed deadline. That is why we urge you to retain a divorce lawyer in Washington to assist you with child custody issue.

Moving or changing a child custody arrangement is rather complicated. A child custody lawyer in Washington can help you with any child custody or divorce-related issue that you may have. At USAttorneys we can connect you with divorce lawyer who you can rely on to protect your rights and work diligently on your behalf. They aim to ensure your case is concluded satisfactorily and you get the arrangement or settlement you deserve. Let us connect you with Spokane attorney Connie Powell to assist you with child custody issue.