You don’t have to go through a complicated legal process if you move within one hundred miles of your former spouse.

Grand Rapids, MI- Do you have a joint custody arrangement with your former spouse? Are thinking about moving out of state? If you and your ex-wife or husband are co-parenting, then moving out of state can be a complicated process that may require you appear before the family court. People move all of the time, so it’s important that you understand how moving out of state will affect your child custody arrangement and know some of the basics of Michigan law in this regard.

First, it’s important to point out that if you and your former spouse don’t have a formal custody arrangement, and one of you decides to move, there is little recourse the other has to stop the move. That is why, no matter how amicable your divorce, you should retain a family law attorney in Grand Rapids to formalize your child custody arrangements.

If you are the spouse who wants to move, you aren’t required to get the courts permission if you are moving 100 miles or less as long as the new location is in Michigan. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t face any resistance to the move if it is going to interfere with your joint custody arrangement. In such cases, you may be asked to accommodate your ex by being responsible for your child’s transportation.

Get legal assistance if you need to make changes to your child custody arrangement in Grand Rapids.

If you are planning on moving more than 100 miles, you must get the other parent’s permission in writing and present that to the family court. That may require other changes to your parenting agreement.

Of course, plenty of parents in Grand Rapids object to their children moving too far away, so they can contest the move and ask the family court to decide. In that case, judges will consider several factors including whether the move is the result of a better job or an educational opportunity, the moving spouse received an increase in income or plans to re-marry and how the move will affect a child’s relationship with the parent who stays in Michigan.

Whether your former spouse is okay with your move or they plan on contesting it, you need a family law attorney in Michigan working on your case. Changing a child custody plan requires you file the right paperwork and meet specific deadlines. Child custody cases can become contentious and complicated very quickly. You don’t want to waste time catching a lawyer up to speed.

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A divorce attorney aims to ensure your case is concluded satisfactorily, and you get the arrangement or settlement you deserve.