In perhaps the fastest Hollywood divorce settlement of all time, actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes appear to have come to a positive resolution just 11 days after the initial filing.

While Katie won primary physical custody of the couple’s daughter, six-year-old Suri, Tom is being a good dad and is keeping in contact with her as best he can.

The proud father has been using modern technology to his best advantage, video chatting with Suri since the split.

“It’s all part of the divorce settlement that Tom be allowed to video chat with Suri. Likewise, when Suri is with Tom, Katie can video chat with her,” said a source close familiar with the situation to Radar.

The source added that both Tom and Katie were told that video chatting would be a helpful way for Suri to adjust to the divorce. Both parents also have unlimited phone contact with Suri.

Child custody arrangements can be extremely hard on a child, especially one as young as Suri. Where other couples take months – even years – arguing about who gets to have custody, Tom and Katie have been extremely mature about the situation, putting Suri’s needs above all else.

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