Fort Myers, FL- Any divorced couple knows what a complicated child custody order can be even when both parents are happy with the arrangement and live in the same town. Such arrangements can work well for months or years until the custodial parent wants to move to a different town or state. What happens then? How is this issue resolved in Florida courts?

This can become a sticking point in joint or shared custody arrangements. The non-custodial parent will likely take issue with the interruption in their ability to see their child or children. Between work, finances and distance, it may be difficult for the non-custodial parent to see their children on a regular basis so they may be resistant to the idea of their child being moved.

Under Florida custody law, a custodial parent cannot move their child more than fifty miles from the non-custodial parent–even if the new location is in the state–without being in violation of their custody arrangement. If you are planning to move 50-plus miles away from a non-custodial parent there is a legal process you must follow, you can’t just move without getting the necessary permissions from both parents and the courts.

The non-custodial parent must sign formal documents and present it to the court which has the final say on any move or other change to child custody arrangements. After all the documents are signed and turned over, the court will look at several things before approving of a move. Factors such as a new job, an educational opportunity, an increase in income for the custodial parent, a new marriage or closer proximity to the custodial parent’s family are all taken into consideration.

Even if a non-custodial spouse doesn’t chose to challenge a long-distance move, changing a child custody arrangement is a complex process that requires filing the right paperwork, meeting deadlines and getting the right signatures. It is a process that can be delayed by a simple mistake or missed deadline. When you enlist a divorce attorney in Florida, you don’t have to worry about your case being held up by an administrative error.

As you can see moving or changing a child custody arrangement in any way can be quite complicated and not easy for any one who does not have an extensive knowledge of the Florida’s divorce and child custody laws. A child custody law firm in Fort Myers is a must no matter what side of the issue a parent stands. A lawyer who specializes in child custody and family law is capable of helping you resolve any issues you and your former spouse may have your arrangement whether it entails a long-distance move or change to visitation rights.

At USAttorneys we recommend family law attorney Michael Raheb who  will answer any questions you have about relocating or otherwise changing your custody arrangement. He will work towards a successful resolution to any child custody issue you may have. Call his Fort Myers office today and set up a consultation.