Denver, CO—When a couple decides to divorce in Colorado, the court will usually consider awarding alimony (i.e. spousal maintenance) to one party if the marriage lasted three years or longer.1 However, the court could also decide to award alimony even in a case where a couple wasn’t married for at least three years.

In addition to the length of the marriage, the court will also take into account other factors such as what each party’s income is and what they have in assets in order to determine how much should be awarded in alimony.


How is alimony calculated in Colorado?


The amount awarded in alimony is generally equal to 40% of both parties’ monthly adjusted gross income minus how much the lower earner brings in each month. There may also be other factors that influence how much a person can receive in alimony.


Can alimony be awarded before a divorce is finalized?


The court can award spousal maintenance to one party while the court is processing a request for a dissolution of marriage. Generally, when two parties decide to divorce, it is likely they are no longer living together or haven’t been living together for some time. If the separation has a financial effect on one party because the other is considered the breadwinner, the court may decide to award temporary alimony until a final decision is made on the case.

Once the divorce is finalized, the amount a person was receiving in temporary alimony could change.


When do alimony payments stop?


If one party is awarded alimony, payments would only stop if they decided to remarry, or one party passes away. Until either of the two occur, alimony payments must continue.


Is it necessary to hire a Denver, CO divorce lawyer if someone wants to collect alimony?


It can benefit a person who is about to enter the divorce proceedings to retain a Denver, CO divorce lawyeras they are going to help prove to the court why spousal maintenance should be awarded. In many cases, when one party tries to collet alimony, the other looks for loopholes to try and avoid the financial obligation. But, when a person is represented by an experienced divorce lawyer, it only makes it more difficult for the other to find a way out of having to fulfill the spousal maintenance requirement.

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