If you have a child and haven’t yet identified who their legal father is, you can do this through paternity testing. “According to the Florida Department of Revenue, “when you establish paternity, you identify the legal father of the child. Paternity gives rights and benefits to the mother, the father, and the child.” Aside from identifying who the father of your child is, establishing paternity is important as it could help you collect child support in the event you and your child are in need of it.

Now, if you are interested in knowing, here is how you can establish paternity for your child based on your circumstances:

  • If you and the potential father were married when the child was born, they should have taken on his last name and it would be listed on their birth certificate. However, if you chose not to list your husband’s name on your child’s birth certificate, paternity must be addressed in court.
  • In the event you and your partner weren’t married when your child was born, both parents can establish paternity voluntarily by filling out and signing the Acknowledgement of Paternity form (Form DH-432). Both parents are required to fill out and sign the form while in the presence of two witnesses or a notary public. The completed form will then need to be mailed to the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics and they will modify the child’s birth certificate to include the legal father’s name.
  • Paternity can be established with a legal order if the father is denying his role as a parent to your child or if you filed a child support petition and haven’t yet established paternity. Paternity can be established in one of two ways. The Child Support Program can help establish it which won’t require you to go to court or it can be determined by a judge in court. A FL family law attorney would be the best professional to speak with regarding this as they help you determine which is the best route to take in terms of establishing paternity. However, either avenue you to take, both options use genetic testing.

How might establishing paternity benefit my child?

  • It opens them up to receiving support from both parents, including child support and medical support.
  • The father’s name of the child will appear on their birth certificate.
  • They can receive health insurance or life insurance from either parent if it is available.
  • The child will know the identity of his or her father.
  • They can learn more about their family medical history.

Now, if you are interested in establishing paternity and need more information, contact USAttorneys.com now. Our office is available to help you establish paternity and even pursue your child’s father for the support you and your child need and deserve.


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