A divorce lawyer can help you with all aspects of your divorce and will work to get you the financial support you need.

Santa Ana, CA- If you are getting a divorce in Santa Ana, you probably have questions about alimony or spousal support as it is called in California. Do I qualify for spousal support? How is my support calculated? How long will I receive support payments?

First, we’ll discuss eligibility. Spousal support is usually awarded a spouse when it is necessary to maintain the standard of living they became accustomed to during their marriage. It is also awarded to stay-at-home spouses who didn’t work outside of the home or lack marketable job skills. You might be eligible for spousal support if you devoted your time to taking care of the marital home and children. You may also be eligible for financial support if earn less than your spouse.

If you are planning on seeking spousal support, USAttorneys recommends you call and divorce law firm near you in Santa Ana and set up a case evaluation. Our accomplished team of divorce lawyers in California will be able to tell you if you are entitled to spousal support and what you need to do to get the amount you deserve.

The courts will look at several factors to determine the amount of spousal support a person is awarded and how long they will receive payments.

Judges can award spousal support temporarily or permanently depending on the circumstances of your case. Temporary spousal support is awarded to help the recipient get back on their feet and give them the financial support while they go through their divorce.

Permanent spousal support is granted for the long term but is not necessarily awarded for the rest of the recipient’s life. California courts look at the duration of marriage to decide how long a spouse should receive child support. If the couple’s marriage lasted less than 10 years, spousal support would be awarded for the number of years they were married. If a couple’s marriage lasted longer than 10 years, they would be awarded long-term support but not indefinitely. California courts will require a spouse to become self-supporting, and if they are unable to, they must prove they are unable to earn.

Each county uses different formulas to figure out how much support will be awarded. Divorces attorneys in Santa Ana should know the formula Orange County uses to determine child support and will give you an idea of how much you will receive.

Each county in California calculates spousal support differently, so it’s crucial you have a local law firm working on your case.

Other factors courts will take into consideration are outlined on the California Courts website. Some of the factors include:

The amount each person needs to maintain their standard of living;

Whether a spouse is unable to work because they have to take care of a couple’s children;

Each person’s age and health status;

And, a couple’s debts and property.

If you think you are entitled to spousal support, let USAttorneys help you find a local attorney to help you with your divorce. You’ll be more likely to get the support you need if you have a skilled team of divorce lawyers in Santa Ana on your side.