A divorce can be very unsettling for the entire family. Between having to determine alimony, divide property and assets and even deal with child support arrangements, one important member of the family is often overlooked during this tumultuous time – Fido.

But in the eyes of the law, pets are actually considered assets or property. A divorce judge can determine who gets the family bet based on who originally acquired the animal or who will give it the most stable home. However, some judges don’t like to rule on this matter at all.

“Judges have very little patience when it comes to custody of pets,” said Carol Johnson, an attorney who practices family law at the Zimney Foster law firm in Grand Forks. “They will say, ‘You need to work this out.’”

If the animal has some value, such as a show dog or race horse, then things can get even more complicated.

“In such cases, the value of the animal would be included in an analysis for dividing the estate,” explained Johnson.

When the issue to determine pet custody becomes too great, sometimes, pet visitation schedules are set up. Hey, pet’s are valuable family members too! They deserve some one-on-one time just like the children.

If you are going through a divorce and can’t figure out how to resolve your pet dilemma, turn to a divorce lawyer for help right away. Divorce lawyers will do whatever they can to make sure your case resolves quickly and in your favor.

They will sit down with you and come up with the best options for your pets, the same way they would for your children. So call a top divorce attorney today to get started on your case.