Exposure to long-term conflict at home can be more harmful to children than divorce.

Spokane, WA- Divorce is hard on all parties, so resentment, anger, and bitterness are common and, unfortunately, those feelings can have a long-term effect on a child. We know that children who are products of divorce often can grow up to have emotional problems, issues with drugs or alcohol and are prone to divorce. Now, it would be natural to assume that the actual divorce.

Researchers for the study analyzed data about American families from 1987 to 2003 to see how divorce or a high-conflict marriage affected children later on in life.

Researchers analyzed a data set of American families stretching from 1987 to 2003 to track how children of divorce and unhappy marriages turned out. The researchers found that children who experienced high levels of family conflict (not divorce) — parents fighting, worrying about money, abuse, etc. — were likelier to get divorced as adults. But what they found may be surprising.

When it comes to a predictor of divorce, researchers found that children raised in high conflict marriages were more likely to get a divorce later in life, according to TechInsider.They found that children who grew up in homes where the parents fought frequently, stressed out about money or were subjected to abuse had a greater chance of divorcing a future spouse than children whose parents divorced without lots of contention.

Divorce may be better for a child if a couple fights a lot about their issues.

Researchers concluded that children repeat the pattern of behavior they see in their parents and adopt their conflict resolution skills, which why they have a greater chance of divorce. The researchers also concluded that children whose parents frequently fight would fare better if their parent’s divorced. That is because children are exposed to more conflict the longer their parents stay together.

Of course, one study doesn’t mean all children from high-conflict marriages are doomed to fail right from the start. A study is not destiny but understanding the findings can help a person make changes in their marriage or lives that can stave off the divorce. It can also encourage individuals to learn better conflict resolution skills that will be valuable if they want their marriages to last.

Divorce may be better for a child if a couple fights a lot about their issues.

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