Poughkeepsie, NY-Child custody is an issue many couples in New York State have to work out. It’s a multifaceted issue that gives rise to many questions. A common question is: How does the state determine how much child support I will be awarded?

The Child Support Standards Act

The Child Support Standards Act was passed to ensure consistency in child support awards and make certain a child is taken care of financially.

The child support calculator is as follows:

Number of Children and Percentage of Income:


1- 17 %

2-25 %

3-29 %



Most judges use the above calculator, but you need to be aware that some factors can change the amount of child support awarded including:

Type of child custody arrangement

The monthly amount need to cover expenses for each child such as daycare and school tuition and expenses, health insurance premiums and medical bills and any other special needs

The income of the paying parent

A child’s standard of living before their parent’s divorce.

A parent asking for child support will be asked to provide the court with details about their income and monthly expenses. A Poughkeepsie court will look at an individual’s gross income and deduct any of their financial obligations when determining a monthly support amount. Eligible deductions include state and federal taxes and child support payments from the previous relationship. Though loan payments aren’t usually considered a deduction, a judge may decide to deduct such debts from a parent’s gross income before deciding on a child support amount.

Earnings Subject to Child Support:



Worker’s compensation


For more information about child support in New York, we recommend you visit the New York State website at https://www.childsupport.ny.gov/child_support_standards.html.


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