Las Vegas, NV- Divorce has many often effects on a couple and their children, it changes almost every aspect of their lives. Everything from daily routines to deeper issues like religious beliefs can be serious disrupted when a couple splits. Discussions about the cons of divorce typically center on the mental and physical effects, but spiritual and religious beliefs are also touched when a marriage fails. A study focusing on the religious beliefs divorced families found that later in life children turn away from their religion.

A 2013 study from Baylor University, published in the Journal for Scientific Study of Religion, found children of divorced parents were twice as likely to feel estranged from their church or disavow their religious beliefs as children whose parents stayed together.

Lead author of the study and Baylor University professor, Jeremy Uecker explained, “When both parents are religious, divorce has a negative effect on religiosity.” Why this is so is not completely understood but Uecker suspects that religious children may think their parents’ marriage is “ordained by God or something” and their subsequent split can make children feel resentful and therefore lose their religion.

This is fact has been explored by other studies, but Uecker’s study is that it also examined the religious beliefs of the parents and whether they were religiously unaffiliated, had different beliefs, or were dedicated to a particular church.

Researchers discover that children of single parents were more likely to have no religious affiliation unless step parent with faith enters the home. The belief being that children with two parents are spend a great deal of time socializing with other members of their faith and therefore hold onto those beliefs into adulthood.

Uecker explained to U.S. News that in the midst of divorce religious teaching and socialization are lost when parents get a divorce.

The findings from the study were based on surveys given to 3,346 children whose parents were divorced, ranging in age from 18 to 87 in the years 1991, 1998 and 2008, according to the Huffington Post.

Since religion plays a central role in many families, it can also weigh heavily in divorce proceedings especially if a couple has conflicting religious views. Couples must decide what role religion will take in theirs’ and their children’s lives. A divorcing couple with different religious practices and beliefs often turn to divorce attorneys to help resolves the inevitable conflicts that will arise when child custody and religious beliefs intersect. Most divorcing couples find it hard to agree on mundane issues much less issues over how to raise their children.

Religious beliefs can have a huge impact on a marriage, it is often the force that brings two people together, but for couples, who don’t share the same beliefs, religion can tear them apart. In the middle of divorce, a couple must have guidance, they need someone willing to listen and take their concerns seriously.

Divorce attorneys realize divorce is a troubling time for a family and they also understand how acrimonious proceedings can become. Their main priority is to make certain the rights of parents and children are protected during divorce and their client is happy with the resulting settlement.