Yuma, AZDivorces can be a long process in some cases. The length of the divorce typically depends on things like the length of the marriage, if there are children present, and the amount of shared property and assets between the couple. After all of these issues have been sorted out, the couple will receive a final order of divorce that ends the marriage. This often takes between a few months and a few years from the time that the case is initially filed. 

What is a final order of divorce?

This is a legally binding document that is issued by a judge which states that both spouses are single again and the marriage is completely ended for all purposes. Sometimes this documentation is called a divorce decree or the final judgement. 

The final order may include several other pieces of information if they are relevant to the marriage. The finalized shared parenting plan for child custody purposes will be included. It is also possible that some or all issues related to property division, child support, and alimony will be put into the final order as well. 

When is the final divorce order issued?

The timing of the order is highly variable. Some couples are able to settle their differences out of court and make an agreement that lists all of the terms related to the dissolution of the marriage. This is ideal for couples with short marriages or those without children. Coming up with a settlement agreement with the help of mediators is generally one of the quickest ways to end a marriage. If the divorce case needs to be litigated in court and issues are disputed, the process is obviously much longer. The judge will issue the final order in any case when it is clear that matters related to custody, property, and other areas have been sorted out in an agreement or through any necessary litigation. 

The benefit of legal assistance

Anyone who needs to end their marriage quickly should try to get legal help as early in the process as possible and ask specific questions that are relevant to their situation. The attorney may be able to negotiate for a marriage settlement that can resolve the divorce case quickly, and they can also guide the parties involved through any relevant court procedures without wasting time. 

Advice from family attorneys in Arizona

Schneider and Onofry is a family law firm that works with local clients in Yuma and nearby areas. People who are about to get divorced, attend a custody hearing, or ordered to pay child support or alimony can contact the firm to learn more.  

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