Brooklyn, NY – When a person is unhappy in their marriage, they will need to start the process to formally end the marriage through a divorce, as well as resolving several other related issues. The division of property, custody of children, alimony and child support payments all can have a serious impact on what a person’s post divorce life will look like. Legal help is crucial for anyone who wants the best results for their divorce and the peace of mind associated with walking away from a marriage without taking serious losses. 

Trying to negotiate for a quick resolution

The simplest divorce cases are ones where spouses can generally agree on most issues. This tends to be more likely with shorter marriages, younger couples, those who have no children, or couples with few shared pieces of property or assets. The formal term in New York law for these situations is an uncontested divorce

When the couple puts all of the relevant information about their situation regarding property, debt, children, and support payments into a document, the courts can simply sign off on the agreement and end the marriage in a short period of time. For couples who have some disputes but agree on most issues, it may be possible to have negotiation or mediation sessions with legal professionals to clarify certain details and come to a compromise. These kinds of settlements and negotiations are gaining popularity as an efficient way to end a marriage. 

Accounting for the other spouse’s income and assets

Both divorces and prenuptial agreements will require a full disclosure of sources of income, real property, and various other items related to the person’s financial situation. However, some people try to take steps to protect more of their income than they are legally allowed to by hiding assets and investments. 

A lawyer can review the person’s financials and utilize forensic accounting if necessary to determine their true income and assets. 

Preparing for litigation

In bitter divorce cases, a couple can spend years in and out of court arguing over things like child support and custody, alimony, property division, and living arrangements. It is best for anyone who is about to divorce to have an experienced lawyer at their side to help with all of these issues. One spouse can possibly get much better results in court if they have an experienced lawyer while their former husband or wife does not. 

Family attorneys in New York

Elliot Green assists people in the Brooklyn area with various family law issues. If a divorce, custody hearing, or other similar matters are upcoming, clients can contact the firm for help and information. 

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