Avoid Extra Stress when Filing for Divorce in Arizona

No-one wants to go through the stress and hassle of a divorce. Yet, sometimes life just leads two people in different directions for one reason or another and this is where they end up.

When that happens, you will probably ask yourself how you can file for divorce in Arizona in the easiest possible way? Well, the first thing to understand is that this isn’t particularly easy but that getting reputable Arizona divorce lawyers on your side will make it a lot less stressful .

Can You File for Divorce in Arizona?

Your first step should be to understand if you are legally able to file for divorce in this state. The starting point for this is with the requirement for one or both of the couple to be resident in Arizona for at least 90 days before the divorce is filed.

It is also important to remember that the petition needs to be filed in the county of residence. Once this is done, there is a 60 day waiting period that needs to be completed after the wheels are put in motion.

Acceptable Reasons for Divorce in Arizona

Do you want to know how to file for divorce in Arizona if you and your partner both agree to end the marriage? The truth is that this should be an amicable process provided that everything is done properly and in a professional way by good divorce lawyers.

The other way of going about this is when one partner has a reason for asking for a divorce. In Arizona adultery, imprisonment, abandonment of a year or more, and abuse are among the acceptable grounds for divorce.

Other suitable reasons that can be given are living apart and separately for two years or more and habitual drug or alcohol abuse.

Making the Right Moves

Handling this matter in the right way is absolutely essential if you want to avoid the bitter disputes that have caused so many problems for couples here and elsewhere in the past. These problems can drag on for years if they are handled incorrectly.

Of course, this issue becomes even more pressing when there are children who could be affected by a drawn out and awkward divorce. Issues such as the division of property, who the kids will stay with, and alimony can all lead to a lot of arguing and suffering if they aren’t dealt with well.

Get the Right Advice

Top class Arizona divorce lawyers at USAttorneys make the whole process of legally splitting from a partner a lot less painful. The right lawyer will give you good advice that ensures you are able to get divorced without any extra hassle or problems.

If you don’t know where to turn then you will feel a lot better once you get an attorney to help you out and let you know your options.

To make this difficult phase in your life a lot easier, look for an Arizona divorce lawyer to guide you through the whole process and make it as simple as possible.