Taking care of and providing for a child on your own isn’t easy. And when you have an ex-partner who is required to pay child support but fails to do so, it only makes your life that much more difficult. The reality is, living in south Florida and on one income is a challenge, and you probably depend on that child support check each month to help cover the costs associated with caring for your child(ren). But, what happens when you don’t receive it? What should you do if your ex-partner quit their job and failed to update their employer information so that you can continue receiving the money your child not only needs, but deserves?

Well, there are a few ways you can address the issue. For starters, there are some things U.S. News & World Report shares that may aid you in getting your ex to pay something, if not all of what they owe to you.

  1. Avoid punishing your child’s other parent by keeping the kids away, unless you are doing it for their safety and wellbeing. Many individuals will keep their children away from their other parent when they fail to pay child support rather than continuing to allow them to play the role they have been in their kid’s life. While it might seem like the best move to make, it only prevents that parent from being actively involved in their child’s day to day activities. And if they are unable to see what’s going on or what their child might need, then they won’t worry about it when they don’t send you a child support payment.
  2. Try to negotiate with your ex-partner. There are times in our lives when things simply aren’t going the way we would like them to. Sometimes, when these instances arise, our finances tend to suffer. Therefore, if your ex is unable to pay the entire amount of support you are entitled to and throwing him/her in jail isn’t an option for you, then consider asking them to pay something rather than nothing. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to let them off the hook for what they owe you. Perhaps you can come to some sort of agreement to where you are willing to accept a portion of the payment now and when they get back on their feet, you will accept the remaining amount due at a later date.
  3. If your ex is noncompliant and has no intention of working with you, then you may need to take legal recourse. The fact is, your child’s other parent is legally required to abide the guidelines stipulated in the child support order that was approved and when they don’t, they risk being taken to court, thrown in jail, having their wages garnished, etc. Therefore, if your ex-partner doesn’t want to pay the support required of them and you have exhausted all other options.
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