Children with divorced parents sometimes turn their back on religion.

Rockland, NY-Faith, and religion are paramount to many American families, and they have their faith challenged by divorce. A recent study found that some children of divorce turn away from the church and their reasons for doing so vary.

Over the past few decades, the culture of America has been changing, and more citizens consider themselves non-religious. In their “Religion in America” study, the Pew Research Center found that the percentage of Americans who considered themselves nonreligious grew from 16.8 percent in 2007 to 22.8 percent in 2014. That’s a step rise and points to a changing perception of religion’s place in American life.

Millennials are the driving force behind secularism in the U.S., and the Public Religion Institute found that children of divorce were more likely to turn away from religion. According to the Washington Post, 35 percent of children whose parents were divorced said they were nonreligious. But, only 23 percent of children whose parents remained married were nonreligious.

But divorce is just one if the many factors are driving Millennials to secularism. A different study reported by the Washington Post found that 60 percent of said they turned from religion because they didn’t believe in the teachings. Twenty-nine percent said they left the church because of its teaching about the LGBTQ community and 19 percent turned away from religion because of clergy sexual assault.

Religion can be a vital aspect of a divorce settlement.

Not only can divorce affect religion later on in life, but it also has an impact on a couple’s child custody arrangement and their child’s upbringing. When a religious couple divorces or separates, especially if they belong to different denominations or have different faiths and beliefs, they must come to an agreement about the role of religion in their child’s life.

When parents have conflicting religion views or different ideas, they may have to compromise and work together to determine religion’s role in their child’s life. A divorce attorney in New York can help a couple negotiate with one another and reach an agreement about their child’s religious upbringing.

If a couple is unable to compromise, decisions about a child’s religious upbringing will be left to the family court which means each parent will have less control over the outcome. The family court will decide based on what is in the best interest of the child and their wishes. The courts will also decide where a child will spend religious holidays and other days of observance.

Religion is just one of the many issues divorcing couples must resolve. Parents aren’t going to agree on every issue, so they need guidance and someone willing to answer their questions. USAttorneys recommends estranged couples get legal assistance for all aspects of their divorce. We have an understanding and knowledgeable team of divorce lawyers in Rockland, New York you can call and set up a consultation. Helping you resolve all of the ugly issues that accompany divorce is the primary goal of our divorce lawyers, so enlist one to work on your case today.

If parents cannot agree on a child’s religious upbringing, the can enlist a divorce lawyer in New York.