A New York sugar commodities executive now owes his ex-wife $11 million for not signing his divorce papers.

Hamptons, NY- A wealthy sugar tycoon from New York is learning the hard way how much procrastination can cost when you are in the midst of a divorce. In the case of New Yorker, Daniel Rosenblum, a neglected signature cost him millions.

Last year, Rosenblum, who made his fortune in sugar commodities, penned a divorce settlement with his estranged wife, former model Shelia Rosenblum, to pay her $5 million over the next 12 years, according to the New York Post. But the settlement amount more than doubled all because Mr. Rosenblum left the signature line on their settlement agreement blank. That’s right; a forgotten signature cost a seemingly business-savvy tycoon $11 million.

The New York Post reported that earlier this month, Shelia Rosenblum went to court asking that her divorce agreement is overturned for a variety of reasons.  A judge agreed because, among other things, David Rosenblum forgot to sign the decree which would have made it official. As the judge noted, it would have taken Mr. Rosenblum a mere five seconds to sign his divorce settlement. That’s a pretty big mistake.

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Not, the NYP reports, Mr. Rosenblum must abide by the couple’s 2013 divorce agreement in which Shelia Rosenblum was awarded an initial $11 million for a total of $61 million to be paid in four years. That was too high of a settlement for Mr. Rosenblum, and after a long period of negotiations he managed to get his payout down, but an agreement without a signature isn’t binding.

Mr. Rosenblum is suing to avoid the $50 million payout, arguing that his estranged wife has plenty of her own money and doesn’t need his money. His attorney alleges that the $50 million dollar payout would send him into bankruptcy.

Shelia Rosenblum has over two dozen thoroughbred horses and co-owns Lady Shelia Stable with “The Real Housewives of New York City” star Jill Zarin. Also, you may remember Shelia Rosenblum because she made headlines for paying over $800,000 for a colt distantly related to Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh.

Donald and Shelia Rosenblum have been married twice and divorced twice. According to the Daily Mail, David and Shelia Rosenblum first married in 1990 and divorced a few years later. Then the remarried in 1996, had two children and stayed together until 2014.

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David Rosenblum’s case is a prime example of why you need an attorney on your side who can give your case the individual attention it deserves. Even when a couple isn’t worth millions, there is so much to do to unravel all of the business and financial entanglements of marriage. And as this incident shows, a simple mistake can end up costing a person dearly. That is why USAttorneys recommends you retain a divorce lawyer in the Hamptons, New York to ensure every detail of your divorce is resolved, and every signature is captured.

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