Social media has become a large part of people’s everyday lives. People wake up to it and find themselves scrolling through their news feed before going to bed. There is no doubt social media has mingled its way into many lives, and even into many marriages. Aside from social media affecting a couple’s ability to maintain a strong relationship, it can also affect them in the event they are going through a divorce. The fact is, many couples who are divorcing often take to social media to vent, sharing their thoughts and feelings about how the divorce is going and how angry their spouse had made them feel.

While many may find this relieving rather than having to hold in their emotions, it can also affect the outcome of their divorce case. Below are some examples the Financial Advisor Magazine has shared that highlight ways social media can actually impact a divorce case.

  1. A woman who had separated from her husband took to Facebook to share with the public how angry she was after finding out that her husband wasn’t being faithful to her which eventually led to them divorcing. However, after posting these “harmless” comments online, her husband was “later passed up for a promotion,” and his “attorneys argued that it was because of the wife’s negative online comments. Because this woman’s husband lost out on a promotion which equates to income, she may have had her share of assets reduced.
  2. Another case involved a husband who attempted to get his alimony payments reduced because he claimed he couldn’t afford them any longer. While this is common and a valid reason for requesting alimony payments to be reduced, this husband neglected to consider how the photos he posted on social media would affect his ability to get his payments reduced. Turns out, he had shared photos of him and his new girlfriend skiing in Japan along with photos from their trip to see Hamilton, which indicated he may not have been in the financial rut he claimed he was in. Hence, his chances of convincing the judge to reduce his alimony payments were rather slim.

The Financial Advisor Magazine says that “Whether the fight is for spousal or child support, custody or visitation rights, property and assets, or a testament of a litigant’s character and credibility, social media accounts can either support someone’s case or damage it.” And both examples reveal just how powerful a role social media can, in fact, play in a divorce case. While we all know that divorces can be tough to get through and often leave the parties involved feeling angry, frustrated, and even resentful, it is important you think before you act so that you don’t do anything that could jeopardize the chances of you being awarded assets, alimony, or even custody of your children.

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