Austin, TX-It’s no secret that divorce is painful; it causes emotional upheavals, fights over money and child custody. They can be long, drawn out battles leaving both parties with frayed and frazzled nerves. But various law firms, entrepreneurs, resorts and even cruise lines have begun offering quickie divorces and vacation packages to help take some of the pain away.

According to the Huffington Post, beginning in 2013, an Austin law firm, Weinman and Associates, will offer clients an alternative to a protracted dissolution. Their Divorce Resort will give a divorcing couple the chance to negotiate a settlement in the luxurious setting of a four star resort. Over the course of three days, both spouses will be able to settle their issues with the help of a mediator in a relaxing atmosphere.

During the first two days at the resort, the estranged couple will work on how to divide their assets and child custody through mediation.  If these issues cannot be settled without acrimony the third day will be spent in arbitration. Their website notes that Divorce Resort can help save the couple money by resolving their dissolution quickly.

This approach to divorce is similar to Divorce Hotel; the brain-child of an entrepreneur Jim Halfens from the Netherlands.  The premise is similar to Divorce Resort; a couple checks into a lavish hotel for a three-day retreat while divorce attorneys help them resolve contentious issues.

Divorce Hotel was so successful in the Netherlands that Halfens brought it to the U.S. and began offering the service in New York City and other large metropolitan areas.

The Fox network thought Divorce Hotel sounded entertaining so they decided to produce a pilot in the effort to launch yet another reality television show. The hour-long pilot will feature a childless couple, but producers haven’t decided where it will be filmed.

While Divorce Resort and Divorce Hotel are offering help with a quick divorce, other vacation spots offer post-divorce retreats.

Oasis of the Seas cruise lines offers a vacation package to newly single dads who want to spend quality time with their kids. They allow dads to cater their vacation to their individual needs and the needs of their child and offer a variety of entertaining activities.

If you happen to live in Montreal or plan on traveling there after your divorce, “Montreal VIP” offers a divorce party package to “re-introduce” yourself to “single society.” The package includes fine dining and VIP passes to Montreal nightclubs and casinos.

If a Canadian vacation or a cruise isn’t what you’re looking for Seattle’s Hotel 1000 in the downtown area has a spa retreat for those who need want to truly relax after their divorce. The “Back on the Market” package includes a massage, facial and waxing services. You’ll get five hours of peaceful and delightful pampering to take your mind off your divorce.

This is just a sampling of ways to forget the pain of your divorce and unwind. You may find other ways to free your mind and forget about the arguments, the legal issues and let you negative emotions fall away if just for a few days. It’s important that following a divorce you treat yourself right and learn how to move on with your life.