For some couples, it takes several months and even years before they decide to take the leap and tie the knot. But for others who just met, they sometimes act before truly considering the repercussions of getting married after only knowing the other person for a short period of time. And in most cases, many of these couples who choose to marry on impulse decide to divorce as they weren’t exactly ready to take on a marriage.

So, what happens when you marry someone and soon realize it was a mistake? You are probably wondering whether you will have to go to court and/or pay the costly fees to file a divorce petition like all other couples who choose to end their marriage. If these are some of your concerns, not to worry as we are here to provide you with some of the answers you might be seeking.

Filing for an Annulment in Broward County, FL

When a couple marries and decides to divorce shortly after, there is a quicker way to end the marriage and that is through an annulment. An annulment “is a court order that declares that a marriage was never valid, having the effect of wiping out a marriage as though it never existed.”

Some common reasons why an annulment is filed rather than filing an actual divorce petition include:

  • You and your spouse separated immediately after the ceremony and never lived together as husband and wife or consummated the purported marriage in any manner.
  • The purported marriage is invalid due to the fact that your spouse had concealed his/her true identity from you before and after the marriage ceremony occurred.
  • The marriage is invalid because your spouse was legally married to a third party at the time the two of you were married.
  • The marriage is invalid because your spouse has stated that he/she will not live with you as a spouse and that he/she will not honor the marriage vows or consummate the marriage.

[Source: Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller for Leon County, Florida].

There are other grounds that can qualify you to file an annulment to void your marriage and would be more than happy to review what these are with you to see if your circumstances allow you to file for one.

Now, in order to file for an annulment, you will need to complete and file the required paperwork and submit it to the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Broward County. You will also need to complete and submit Form DH513 to the FL Department of Health, Division of Vital Statistics in order to properly report your annulment. If you wish to obtain all the required forms you will need, you can either have our office help you with this or you can contact the Clerk of Circuit Court and request the paperwork necessary to file for an annulment.

If you have any other questions pertaining to filing an annulment or even filing for divorce, don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule a consultation so that we can address all the concerns and questions you have.

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