How (and Why) Your Ex Might INTENTIONALLY Throw Away Money During a Divorce

Relationship issues make people do some pretty crazy things. But intentionally throwing away money is perhaps one of the most shocking steps a spouse can take when faced with divorce. Believe it or not, this is actually quite common in Florida divorces — to the point where the family court has created specific laws governing these situations. But how — and why — would your spouse even try to do this?

Inflating Their Legal Fees

One of the most common ways spouses “intentionally throw money away” is by inflating their legal fees to ridiculous levels. First, you should know that “monied spouses” (the ones that earn more) are generally required to pay the legal fees of their exes. This is because their exes often have very little assets to their name. The logic is that since they will receive part of the marital assets anyway, they should have the ability to access funds for legal fees even before the property division process has been completed.

The problem is that many spouses see this as an opportunity to rub salt into the wound during a divorce. They intentionally inflate their own legal fees — knowing that their ex will be forced to foot the bill. They might sit down with their lawyers for needless consultations. They may intentionally avoid a settlement in favor of an expensive, drawn-out litigated divorce. There are many ways to rack up legal fees when someone else is paying. The good news is that the family court will frown upon this behavior if they catch wind of it.

Dissipation of Assets

“Dissipation of assets” is a legal term that basically means “throwing away money.” Spouses almost always do this in an effort to get revenge against their exes. The logic is that if they’re forced to hand over half their money, they would rather throw away everything than see their ex get a single cent. It’s a very bitter move — but it’s surprisingly common.

One spouse famously threw half a million dollars in gold bricks into a dumpster because he didn’t want his wife to get any money. Another popular move is to intentionally lose everything at the casino. Some might also donate everything to charity, while others hand out cash to their friends (often with a private understanding that they’ll get it back at some point).

Deferring Bonuses, Promotions, and Benefits

Last but not least, spouses often defer bonuses, promotions, and benefits in an effort to pay lower child support and alimony. Even though they have the opportunity to boost their income, they throw away these opportunities because they know they’ll end up giving it all to their exes anyway.

Where Can I Find a Divorce Attorney in Trenton?

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