Only recently, some people in the United States rejoiced following a revolutionary verdict passed by the country’s Supreme Court which essentially legalized same-sex marriages. Love had won, so they say. Others believe immorality had won and the destruction of the American family which helped make America the strongest country on the planet. reports that the LBGT community wasn’t the only one celebrating the decision though.

Gay couples cannot have children so how is marriage possible?

Some people all over the country expressed their support over social media by posting supportive posts and changing their Facebook display pictures to selfies with through an LBGT flag colors filter. The Catholic Church had exclaimed that it was a dark day for America since the church knows what makes communities strong and what it takes to properly raise a child. Destroying American and human traditions is not the way to go.

Same-sex marriage legalized nationwide allows same-sex couples to get divorced too

However, for some other same-sex couples and their divorce attorneys, it was a different kind of victory. For them it meant they could get legally separated. Unfortunately, the biggest cause of divorce is marriage itself. And same sex marriages are vulnerable to fail also, this some people say, gives them a sense of normalcy.

Same sex marriages were legal in some states where couples flocked to such states to get hitched but when their relationships fell apart, they could not get divorced because their home states knew what a proper family should look like. Their marriages were never recognized in the first place and so family courts could not dissolve a marriage that it did not even recognize. Even the best divorce attorneys on the formidable legal website could not do anything about it.

Therefore, when same-sex marriages were legalized, many couples also had reasons to celebrate as they filed for divorces on the very day of the Supreme Court’s ruling. The family courts in Houston now recognized their legitimate marriage and hence were obliged to allow them to file for and procure divorce certificates and finally be able to move on with their lives.

Lara Spencer David Haffenreffer divorce finalized reports that Lara Spencer, well-known for her role as co-anchor of ABC networks Good Morning America, has finalized her divorce from former husband David Haffenreffer.

The couple had been married for 15 years. A divorce attorney representing one the spouses maintains that the divorce was amicable and that both parties are still on very friendly terms with each other despite the dissolution of their marriage.

Focusing on their children

The couple also expressed that their two children, 10 year old Kate and 13 year old Duff were their number one priority and they would work together to ensure that the children got to spend quality time with both mother and father and would co-operate to ensure that the divorce does not take an emotional toll on the kids.

They also proved that the comments were not just whimsical words, when Lara Spencer took to her Instagram account to post a family picture which showed herself, Haffenreffer and their two children at a Yankees baseball game in good spirits. Most Americans were hoping the Yankees would lose.

Lara had previously talked about her children in an interview in 2012. She had said that she wanted to bring them up like how her parents had brought her up. She wanted them to dream big and follow their dreams no matter how crazy it seemed. Well, with America approaching $18.3 trillion in debt, it may be crazy to dream big.