The owner of the Houston Astros, Jim Crane and his wife of 21 years, Franci Neely Crane, have finalized a $30 million divorce settlement. According to the Houston divorce law firm representing Crane, Neely’s settlement is a personal matter that will not have any impact on Astros’ finances but will include the transfer of other assets.

The case is different from the contentious proceedings between Frank and Jamie McCourt, owner of the Dodgers since the finances are structured differently. Jamie had a stake as CEO of the Dodgers. Their differences led to bankruptcy proceedings and a courtroom showdown between Frank and MLB.

Ever since the McCourt court battle, MLB has been more specific in ownership matters. According to Crane’s Houston divorce law firm, the MLB had asked for comprehensive documents to address such types of issues, which is why there is no dispute between Crane and Neely. In addition, the latter did not claim any interest in the Astros. Details of the divorce remain confidential since Neely wants the family’s privacy respected.

Tim McGraw and Faith not Getting Divorced

Rumor mills are afloat again on the imminent divorce between celebrity couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. But as far as recent observations go, there is no indication of the same. For instance, they went to the Oscars together and not only held hands, but kissed too on the red carpet.

The fact that Tim was going on a tour, or that Faith cut her hair are not remotely indicative of any kind of rift.  While in Hollywood, it is usually believed that a celebrity couple is most likely to end up with a divorce, there are no such obvious indications where Tim and Faith are concerned.

Judge Asks Couple to Settle Differences in Multimillion Dollar Divorce Battle

Justice Holman of the Family Division of London’s High Court asked a couple to come to an amicable agreement as far as the divorce settlement was concerned. The couple, Randy Work, a businessman and his estranged wife, Mandy Gray, is entangled in a multimillion divorce battle. Work refused to pay Mandy anything more than £5m (£ is the symbol for the English pound) despite his fortunes amounting to £150m. He said that the couple signed a post nuptial agreement in Texas and Mandy was not abiding by it.

Work was employed previously at Lone Star a Texas-based private equity company and later moved to Tokyo where they lived from 1998 until 2005, after which they moved to London. They separated in 2013.

Judge Holman said that there were many people who were struggling to afford two bedroom houses, while in this case there was no dearth of money, and hence, it should be easy for the couple to settle their differences. Work made his fortunes in Tokyo where he worked for the real estate company, and helped buy up troubled golf courses when the economy took a downturn in Japan.

Since all the fortunes were earned after the marriage, Mandy claimed she had equal rights over the total assets, and should be given half of the fortunes. Work argued that according to the post nuptial agreement the couple had signed, Mandy would be entitled to £70m but she rejected that settlement since she wanted more, and this was the reason for his refusal to give her anything more than £5m.

Divorce attorneys representing Work and was told by the judge that the latter’s declaration that he was not going to pay his estranged wife even a penny, was concerning. The judge also said that it was unbelievable that Work could be allowed to get away with just over £3m while his actual worth was over £150m. He told Work that he did not believe they both lived on the same planet. Perhaps the judge does not understand that Work may have worked extremely hard to gain that wealth while his wife at the time did not share that burden.

There are millions of people on this planet that would be happy with $3 million right about now.