The apparent split between veterans Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones had upset divorce attorney friends as well as their ardent fans. However, there seems to some great news coming in. The couple seems to have put all such rumors to rest and hope continues to soar for their relationship. The couple made a public appearance along with their kids Carys and Dylan at the Sunday Super Bowl event. Too bad the game was terrible and the commercials just as much (at least Transformers 4 looks spectacular).

Big Money

The family was seen standing together in a private box at the MetLife Stadium, as the National Anthem was being played. Whereas 69 year old Douglas stood between his children, 44 year Catherine was seen standing beside her son Carys.

Working it Out

Earlier in the day, the family was seen leaving their NYC home together for attending the event. Divorce attorneys close to the couple have stated that although they had announced a separation in August this year, the chances of reconciliation are ripe. Both have been judiciously sporting their wedding rings and the family went out for a vacation too on December 22nd, last year. They have been photographed together several times, since the announcement of the separation. Clearly, things are far from over and that is how it should be.

Douglas Trying to Make it Work

The Oscar Winning Hollywood veteran has always been optimistic about his marriage. He explained that although he had been away for a while, he hopes things just look up from here. He explained that sometimes people take small breaks. However, this in no way means that it’s all over! He stated that he was indeed hopeful about the marriage and would love to be together with his family again.

Douglas and Zeta have had their fair share of personal problems which might have taken its toll on the relationship. Douglas was having several issues with his eldest son from an earlier marriage and Zeta was battling psychiatric problems. Apparently too many soft pillows around her and delicious food was getting the better of her.