Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Even though recent studies have shown the divorce rate in U.S. is not actually as high as we once thought, it’s still a reality many families are confronted with. Blended families, those that involve at least one step parent are pretty common. So, Honey Maid, a popular brand of graham crackers, wants people to know there is no shame in being part of a blended or non-traditional family by tackling the issue in a new commercial.

The latest Honey Maid ad, entitled “#Not Broken,” posted on YouTube on Monday, Sept. 8, focuses on a young boy and his extended family. Isaac, the boy in the ad, which is much like a documentary, talks about having two moms and two dads, while the camera captures him interacting with his blended family. Isaac appears to be well-adjusted and positive about having an extended family.

The “#Not Broken” ad is just one in a series of commercials to discuss non-traditional families as part of their “This is Wholesome” campaign. The series of commercials covers military families and gay couples with children to show that families are as just as diverse as the American people.

“Of the 73 million American children under the age of 18, 1 in 10 is currently living within a stepfamily environment,” said Gary Osifchin, senior marketing director of biscuits for Mondelez International, Honey Maid’s parent company told Time.

Osifchin added, “We’ve seen an overwhelming response to the ‘This Is Wholesome” campaign and we feel that it is critical to continue sharing stories and advertising that truly reflects our consumers.”

Blended or non-traditional families can work, that’s the point of the Honey Maid ads, but I takes effort and energy to blend families peacefully. It won’t happen overnight, but the series of Honey Maid ads shows that just because a family doesn’t fall into the traditionally prescribed structure it doesn’t mean it’s broken or unwholesome. It’s just different.

You can see this ad by following this link.

The series of ads have, of course, has received its share of criticism from Conservative circles, but much of the feedback has been positive since many Americans, 42 percent according to Time, understand what it’s like to be part of a blended family.

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