The super adorable Hillary Duff began her acting career playing the lovable Lizzie McGuire and went on to achieve tremendous success professionally. She eventually ventured into music and released several albums that have sold millions of copies worldwide. One of her most iconic songs is so yesterday which quickly became an anthem for young girls all over the country who were going through a break up or trying to get over someone.

Duff Married hockey star Mike Comrie in 2010, but unlike her professional success her personal endeavors did not really last. The couple announced that they had separated in 2014. They maintained that they had still had an amicable relationship and that they would co-parent their son Luca.

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Another tug-a-war with a child

For some reason, it has now surfaced that in the divorce papers filed by Hilary’s divorce attorney, she has requested for primary parental custody, allowing Comrie only visitation rights. The former Canadian hockey star was obviously not very pleased with this request and responded to Duff’s petition by filing one of his own which seeks joint custody of their 3-year old son Luca. The couple had signed a prenuptial agreement which will make property and spousal support matters much easier but there is going to be some drama as far as Luca is concerned, as per a TMZ report.

Sources have reported that the reason Duff wants primal custody is because Comrie drinks and parties way too much – according to her.

Divorce granted to Jessica Socling from Saudi Husband who is wanted for kidnapping their children

Jessica Socling of Jersey Shore has been granted a divorce certificate which essentially ends the marriage between her and her Saudi Arabian ex-husband Majed Sayed. However, the problems for Socling are still far from over. Her ex-husband is wanted for kidnapping their three boys and illegally holding them in Saudi Arabia. A Lycoming County Court issued Socling with a divorce certificate to her immense relief. She told the media she was glad it (the marriage) was over.

According to Penn Live, she desperately wants to see her children again and is seeking permission from the Saudi Government to enter Saudi Arabia. If that does not go as planned, she hopes her ex-husband will allow her three boys back in to the United States so that both parents can share custody over them.

Socling’s divorce attorney confirmed that the divorce was granted right away without much deliberation as Sayed did not bother to respond to court filings.

Think before you get married!

Socling and Sayed were married in 2004 and separated in 2013, following which Sayed eloped with the kids. According to Socling, she has only seen and talked to her children on Skype since then and her plea’s to the Saudi Arabian Embassy to help return her kids have so far been futile.

Forged marriage certificate deemed still valid, gay couple cannot get divorced

Joab Penney and Joseph Parker wanted to get married in 2012 but at the time, Florida did not allow same-sex marriages. The couple somehow got in touch with a deputy court clerk of Grundy County in Iowa who offered to legally marry the couple even though they had never set foot in Iowa. As reported on, Penney agreed and just a few days later he had a forged certificate saying he was married.


The problem is that Penney and Parker are no longer together and want to get divorced. However, the Iowa judge will not grant them a divorce since they have not been living in the state for at least one year as the law requires, which is one of the main grounds as per divorce attorneys. Penney has said that he intends to sue the State of Iowa.