While the very pretty and borderline hot Hilary Duff and form NHL player Mike Comrie’s divorce is final, the actress recently revealed more in an interview in Cosmopolitan’s April 2015 issue. According to Duff, the two were very much in love when they met and wanted to get married. But it appears they never did take a pre-marriage class since being in love does not mean two people will enjoy living with each other.

She claims to have made the choice since she started working at a young age. Both were happy for most of the time in their marriage until January 2013 when the couple separated. While they did part ways there was still a lot of love involved says Duff, the 27 year old actress.

In her interview, Duff says both were happy about the way the decided to handle the divorce. She also admits that her views on marriage have changed although she isn’t bitter but just wasn’t sure if people were meant to be together forever. Certainly if you do not even know the person you are marrying that well.

Sounding a cynical note about marriage, Duff said there were always huge sacrifices in a marriage and that there were things you couldn’t always fight over in a long relationship. The couple married when she was 22. What makes the divorce surprising is that it wasn’t a fling marriage to begin with.

James and Linda Caan have their differences

Another celebrity couple to spilt after a long time is 74 year old James Caan and his wife of 18 years Linda Stokes. The star of The Godfather filed for divorce for the third time in 10 years. Earlier attempts in 2005 and 2009 were dismissed. According to divorce attorneys, the papers were filed at the beginning of January while there was no prenup involved. Caan has requested for joint custody of Jacob, one of their two teenage sons.

Linda demands custody and cash

However, Lisa sent a clear message according to TMZ reports, demanding physical custody of Jacob. The couple have allegedly not been able to meet on mutual grounds in terms of money. She has asked for spousal support while Caan has requested for the termination of her right to spousal support.

Without a prenup, this is one divorce that could end up in a lengthy court battle. According to the LA Times, The Godfather star is giving up his traditional style home in Beverly Hills and has put it up for sale at just under $4 million. Whether that has something to do with the divorce isn’t clear.

Divorce laws in Arkansas

According to Arkansas divorce attorneys, couples must have grounds for divorce in order to obtain one in the state which there is no such thing as a ‘no fault’ divorce. A spouse must have done something wrong to warrant a divorce in the eyes of the law.

A felony conviction, adultery, cheating, and domestic violence and abuse, are some of the valid grounds for divorce. However, if the spouses have lived apart and not cohabited for 18 consecutive months, a divorce can be obtained without having to prove any grounds. Arkansas divorce attorneys say that some of the other statues governing grounds for divorce include impotency, habitual drunkenness for a year, and general indignities, which is one of the most common grounds for a divorce.