Hilary Duff is the newest member of the would-be-divorced club, state Hollywood divorce lawyers. She and her husband, who is ex NHL star player Mike Comrie, have separated and the divorce is all but a matter of time! The couple however has decided to deal with this with this with complete dignity, explain divorce lawyers. According to them, the couple has decided to keep the bitterness out despite bitterness certainly existing. Although they have decided to end their marriage, the couple promises to remain the best of friends in the future (whatever!). Therefore, the proceedings are likely to be smooth.

Up in the Air

Both Hilary and Mike have decided the interests of their child matters the most. Hilary gave birth to Luca, the couples’ only son, on March 20th, 2012. This was exactly 2 years after their marriage. They married in August of 2010 in Santa Barbara. Naturally, with the interests of a child involved in these proceedings, the fate of the child remains jeopardized.

Susan Duff, Hilary’s mom, told Ft Lauderdale family lawyers that the couple has already agreed on a joint custody of the child. Susan also said that she truly loves Mike. However, she sees the breakup in a positive light. She is considering them to be friends and no longer a couple. A representative of the couple explained that they are dedicated towards parenting their only child together. Hillary tweeted a recent post stated that Mike and she were very much together and expressed her appreciation for all the well wishes she received. She admitted that it was not easy for her but she was getting through it somehow.

These two obviously did not attend a pre-marriage class. The Catholic church had a wonderful pre-marriage class but any pre-marriage class would have probably prevented this scenario from happening. Why did these adults’ parents not inform them of attending a pre-marriage class?

Marriage is on the Rocks

It would also be interesting to note that both were spotted on New Year’s Eve together. It seems, everything would take place amicably and happier times could be around the corner soon but the divorce will most likely occur nevertheless.