Chad Johnson isn’t the only celebrity to get new ink of his estranged wife Evelyn Lozada. Apparently, Heidi Klum also has a tat of her ex Seal, but unlike Johnson, she isn’t too keen on showing it off.

Klum’s tattoo is actually a few years old. She got it in 2008 as an anniversary gift for her husband. The tattoo is of her husband’s name in abstract writing on her inner arm. It also has stars around it to represent their children.

The couple, which seemed to be entirely in love, announced their separation earlier this year along with plans to file for divorce. Rumors say Seal was allegedly violent and Klum had enough of his behavior, which is why she opted to file divorce papers.

While at first the split seem amicable, it quickly took a turn for the worst, with Seal accusing Klum of cheating on him with a former body guard.

There is no word on whether Klum will have the tattoo removed. While tattoo removal can be expensive, their divorce is likely to trump that cost.

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