Chicago, IL- Being a billionaire’s wife has its perks. Perks that can be really, really hard to give up when you become a billionaire’s estranged wife. Well, Ann Dias, the soon-to-be former spouse of Illinois hedge fund manager Kenneth Griffin isn’t ready to give up those luxuries she’s become accustomed.

The Daily Mail reports that Dias is demanding she be paid $300K a month in spousal support and wants a private jet at her disposal 24/7. Those demands were allegedly made in a divorce filing, which included and demand for an additional demand of $1 million a month for expenses related to the couple’s children.

Those demands are on top of the $35 million he gave to his estranged wife as outline in the couple’s prenuptial agreement. In a court filing, Griffin states that his ex is making such demands because “she might have to start spending some of her own substantial wealth to support herself in the opulent lifestyle she desires,” the Daily Mail reported.

This is the second court filing in which he accuses Dias of making extravagant demands. Last October, he filed a motion that accused Dias of running up his credit cards purchasing designer clothing and taking helicopter rides.

Dias’ attorney disputes that those allegations, stating that Griffin’ court filing is filled with “falsehoods.” She alleges she has been shouldering all of the expenses for her children and she has not been given access to the numerous properties the couple own, including their primary home in Illinois.

Dias is unhappy with the prenuptial the couple signed before tying the knot 10 years ago. Under the terms of the prenuptial, Dias was awarded a $25 million plus an additional $1 million for every year the couple was married so she already received a $35 million lump sum.

She alleges that she was no given time to consider the prenuptial agreement before signing off on it and would like to have the prenuptial thrown out. That’s a hard thing to and it is very time consuming so it appears as though Griffin and Dias’ divorce is going to take a long time to be resolved.

Ken Griffin filed for divorce in July of last year while his wife was on vacation with their children so it’s not hard to see why his estranged ex is making so many demands. Griffin said he finally filed for divorce after months of failed settlement negotiations. He said at the time he was frustrated by the lack of resolution that he decided to go ahead and file for divorce.

Ken Griffin founded Citadel LLC and has an estimated worth of $5.5 billion. His wife was also a savvy investor, but she gave up her job to care for their children.

It’s a shame that money can turn an already painful process into a bitter battle over money, but it’s something divorce attorneys see all the time and the primary reason their representation is so necessary.