The former police chief for Honolulu, Hawaii was filing for divorce amidst a scandal that put both spouses in jail for various crimes. 

Police chief and his wife involved in multiple criminal cases in the year leading up to their divorce

The chief’s wife was also a government employee. She worked as a local deputy prosecutor. The story about their divorce broke in June of 2019, while they both waited to be sentenced for charges related to obstruction of justice and conspiracy. They are each looking at a sentence length of approximately nine to fourteen years of total jail time.

It appears that the couple is seeking a no fault divorce. They filed their petition in state court for the circuit where they live saying that the marriage is irretrievably broken without going into further detail. Sources confirmed to local news outlets that the divorce had been in the works for weeks or even months, although the timing seems odd because it may damage their reputations even further. 

The main catalyst for the divorce was a public revelation by federal prosecutors that the chief’s wife was having an affair with a Hawaii County firefighter and cheating on him. The firefighter in question had to admit to their meetings during his own grand jury testimony for an unrelated crime. She allegedly funded some of their meetings and dates with money that was stolen from relatives. 

She is also facing drug charges that involve her brother who is a doctor. The two are scheduled to be tried separately from the corruption case for those charges. The husband and wife had also been tried for bank fraud and identity theft about a year earlier. 

The divorce filing is seen by many in the media and local government as an attempt at getting sympathy. The wife of the couple is already awaiting her sentencing while in jail, and information about their troubled relationship may have been revealed through the divorce filings with the hope of leniency. 

No fault divorce laws

As this news story shows, Hawaii and many other states offer no fault divorces. This essentially means that the couple cannot get over their differences, and they can be divorced at any time for any reason at all. This is actually beneficial to most couples because they do not need to prove that there was adultery, abandonment, or any other fault based ground, which would slow the process and result in more litigation. A lawyer that focuses on divorces can help make this process as quick and painless as possible to minimize stress and financial losses. 

Get help during a difficult divorce

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