According to reports Halle Berry and her husband, Olivier Martinez, have been living apart and are likely to file for divorce. They are reported to have drifted apart because of their busy schedules. They have a son, Maceo, and Berry has a daughter, Nahla, from a previous relationship with Gabriel Aubry. Berry wanted to move to France when she married Martinez and claimed she would have greater privacy there, but Aubry fought against the move and a court ruled that she had to live in the US.

Berry is obviously not someone to marry. She has had a string of relationships from athletes to professionals and entertainers. She is spectacular to look at but obviously she is a hard person to get along with.

Berry is Dishonest to Herself

When a marriage breaks down, child custody issues are one of the most difficult to resolve. Often both parents would like to stay involved with the child and this restricts the options for relocation for them. When the parent with child custody wants to relocate they need to obtain court permission to do so, unless the parent with visiting rights agrees to the move.

Children Complicate Divorces

If you have children and want to divorce, you need to first consult with a divorce lawyer about how this move will impact your relationship with the children. A divorce lawyer will be able to explain how child custody, child support, a spousal support laws will apply to your specific case. This is all the more important as each state in the US has its own laws regarding marriage and divorce.

If you want to retain custody of your children and play an important part in their lives after the divorce, you need to explain your position to the divorce lawyer so that they can file the divorce petition accordingly and keep this in mind when negotiating with the divorce lawyers retained by your spouse. If both parents want to retain custody of the child, the court normally decides in favor of the best interests of the child.