St. Louis, MO- Former Detroit Lion and Hall-of-Famer Barry Sanders penned a personal blog this week, criticizing the country’s child custody laws and lamenting the challenges he faced in his divorce battle.

Sanders and his wife Lauren Sanders filed for divorce in 2012, but they, unlike many couples, were able to come to an amicable resolution to their child custody issues. Sanders, however, is concerned that child custody laws are two skewed when it comes to mothers.

Sanders says that even though men play a greater role in raising children, child custody laws still favor women as primary caregivers.

Sanders said in his blog, “It is very important for every guy out there to fight for the custody and parenting time plan that they deserve. No matter your work schedule, where you live or any other factor that might get in the way, you must continue to work toward the best arrangement possible. This is where having representation that looks out for your interests becomes crucial.”

He is right about that. Every spouse needs the assistance of an accomplished Missouri divorce attorney to help them resolve the child custody issues they may encounter. An attorney can attest to your character and present convincing arguments as to why you deserve to have custody of your child or children.

You can read Sanders’ blog here.

Family law in most states, Missouri included, instructs judges to take several things into consideration when trying to determine child custody. Those considerations can include the child’s wishes, the role each parent plays in a child’s upbringing and each parent’s financial circumstances and ability to provide for their children. The language of the law does not, however, say that women should be favored over men in custody cases.

While the language of child custody statutes don’t favor the mother over the father, there is a culture in that skews custody towards the mother as primary caregiver. That has less to do with the law and more to with perception, this is why it is critical to have an attorney working on your case.

But that doesn’t mean men can’t be awarded primary or sole custody of their children. Take for example the recent case of rapper Ludacris who was awarded primary custody of his 1-year-old daughter. After a long battle in which both parties accused the other of being unfit parents, the court finally sided with Ludacris, finding that he was better capable of providing for the infant girl’s needs.

That is just one example of men being awarded custody over mothers. It is less common but not impossible. And when it comes to modern child custody issues, courts are leaning more toward shared parenting.

The goal of any parent is to do what is best for their child or children, but when the emotions of divorce are entangled in the decision, it can be easy for parents to lose sight of what is best for their children. One of the roles of Missouri divorce attorney Barbara Behrens is to ensure you don’t lose sight of the big picture and get a custody arrangement you are happy with.