Cleveland, OH- Ashley Madison, a popular website for cheating men and women, nor did Ashley Madison. But hackers from a collective called the Impact Team did it! They actually released the personal info of millions of married men and women who use the website to arrange hookups with other cheaters. So, divorce attorneys in Ohio and rest of the nation are preparing for a flood of calls that may or may not manifest.

Last month, the Impact Team announced the hack, warning users and Ashley Madison that their data, including their names, locations, email addresses and other sensitive information would be released publically if the website wasn’t taken down. Included in the data dump are the real names, addresses and phone numbers of 10,000 government officials, the Daily Beast reported.

The hacking group had two points to make: One, cheating is wrong and Ashley Madison was wrong for facilitating rampant infidelity—the site has nearly 40 million users. And the group also wanted to show the site’s users that it wasn’t as secure as the site’s administrators led them to believe.

The Impact Team took issue with Ashley Madison’s promise to completely scrub a user’s profile from the website for a one-time fee. According to hackers, the company has made millions on the false promise and stole the data to prove they were living up to their promises.

The hacked info initially showed up earlier today on the dark Web, a secretive area of the internet that can only be reached by the savviest internet users. But reports indicate that information about Ashley Madison users is filtering to the World Wide Web for all to see, ABC News reported.

Generally a big hack like this would inspire the ire of many, but there seems to be a sense of poetic justice from the non-cheaters. It was a surprise for many to learn that the website had so many users, granted there are some fake accounts on website but that would still leave a staggering number of people who cheat on their spouse.

If you are hoping to dig up dirt on someone, experts warn that it will be hard for the most people to find out the personal info of Ashley Madison users. So, if you suspect your spouse is cheating, you’d probably be better off hiring a private detective or confronting your spouse yourself.

If you know your spouse is cheating and decide divorce is the next step you should take, you should speak with a divorce attorney in Ohio as soon as possible. They will explain the steps you need to take to dissolve your marriage and what you need to do to get a favorable divorce settlement. Although infidelity no longer weighs heavily on a couple’s final divorce settlement, one spouse’s bad actions can be leveraged for a better settlement. USAttorneys can help you get into touch with a dedicated and tenacious lawyer near your Ohio location to assist you with your divorce.