Fans have been shocked by the recent declaration made by power couple Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale who have been married nearly thirteen years and have three sons together. As reported by, they have recently announced that while they are still on good terms with each other and will continue to have a working relationship as parents of their three children, they will no longer be together in their marriage.

Stefani’s divorce attorney has filed an application for divorce in court which insinuates that the marriage has been broken irretrievably. A lot of people taken aback by the announcement were especially shocked as the couple did not seem to be having any evident troubles in their relationship and were seen together at almost all occasions, hand in hand. Even the pro bowl caliber divorce attorneys on the glowing website were intrigued by this revelation.

How much time to spend together while in a relationship? The answer is not set in stone.

However, experts believe that there were subtle subconscious clues dropped off by Gwen during interviews over the years. In one instance, she had said that it’s a miracle that they have stayed together especially given how much they had both been through together. Furthermore, she had said that it was good for them to be separated for certain periods of time as that gave each of them a sense of individuality.

Relationship experts have testified that there is no sweet spot as such when it comes to how much time couples should spend together and how much time they should spend apart. They reckon too much time together is not a marvelous thing nor is too much time spent apart. Supposedly, when couples are away from each other too long, they tend to argue or fight (unknowingly to reconnect on a higher emotional level) especially as there is no more physical intimacy or touch.

Experts say that while there are no hard and fast rules which ensure relationship success when it comes to time together and time apart. They do however maintain that saying and doing the right things while apart from each other can really rekindle and keep a relationship healthy. Apparently, it is crucial to keep letting your partner know that they are your number one priority and that he or she is on your mind.

Divorce legislation in Michigan – the essentials

There are many aspects to divorce, namely, property division, alimony, child support, child custody, and other related issues. It is obviously extremely difficult to manage all these issues especially during a period of high stress when a person may be at an all-time emotional low. This is why it is prudent to appoint an experienced Michigan divorce attorney.

These lawyers understand what their clients are going through. Apart from helping them with the technical legalities, they will also prove to be grandiose pillars of moral support during these trying times.

Professional acumen

At the same time, divorce lawyers will ensure that your application for divorce does not get dismissed due to the state specific filing requirements, residency requirements or grounds for divorce. The bottom line is that Michigan divorce lawyers will make the process bearable to will also protect you against greedy spouses that are out to get you.