This new era of technology we have adopted is changing the way we live, the way we function, and it is even affecting the process. While it might sound odd to even consider how technology plays a role in divorce, NPR shared a shocking, not to mention scary, story about one woman who found out her ex-husband was tracking her every move by using a GPS device to do so. Here’s what happened.

The woman who shared her story with National Public Radio (NPR) has asked that her identity be kept confidential for safety reasons so we will refer to her as “M,” M mentioned that back in the Summer of 2016, she always had a feeling that her ex-husband was stalking her. She would go out of town for trips and visit with friends whom her ex knew nothing about, yet he always seemed to know “exactly where she was and whom she visited-down to the time of day and street.”

The woman began making some changes in her daily routine including the routes she would take while driving to see if she was being followed but never did she see any suspicious vehicles trailing behind. One day, she decided to take her vehicle to an auto shop for maintenance and asked the mechanic to look for a GPS tracker. Prior to the visit, she had researched online and found that a GPS tracker would allow for him to know this information although she didn’t find one on her car. Sure enough, after the mechanic inspected, he came back with a GPS tracker that had been placed near her front left tire.


This tiny device had been installed by her ex-husband to track every place she had driven to. M had left her husband a year prior to learning she was being monitored and took their children after he had choked her. And she believes he may have even gone far enough to install spyware on her phone too.


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According to the source, “digital spy tools like that GPS tracker are changing divorce as we know it,” and you might be wondering how. Well, they allow spouses to spy on their significant other if their marriage is falling apart and even use it to “gather evidence of extra-marital affairs or drug abuse.” Those who are already divorced, like M’s ex-husband, use the spy tools “in an effort to stay in control after a separation.”

After M became aware of this, she was horrified. She took the information to the local police although they claim that because the vehicle she drove was registered to both her and her ex-husband, he had a right to track it. Sadly, he wasn’t using it to track the vehicle, rather, he was keeping tabs on his ex-wife.

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