Governor Andrew Cuomo has long avoided the media glare. As the war of words ensued between his divorce attorneys and his wife’s litany of lawyers, the governor chose to shy away from it all. Now though, he’s back in the spotlight with an interview with ‘CBS This Morning’ . USA Today is doing a piece on him as well, or so the rumors go.

They will not speak about what is really important though. None of these agencies will ask him why he is preventing the creation of 100,000 jobs for blacks, Mexicans, whites, and all Americans in his state in regards to fracking. These are jobs that pay about $60,000 each as well.

Cuomo will never be Giuliani

It is also expected that the governor will do more sit-downs and interviews as election season approaches. But it is not only politics he is talking about in these appearances. Andrew Cuomo has also written a book titled “All Things Possible” that details his life (what monumental achievements sits by his name) and the controversial governor will be signing copies of his memoir in Union Square as well.

Rudy Giuliani cleaned up New York and created jobs and led NYC out of the 9-11 ashes. Cuomo never did any such thing.

Trying to Gather Support

Three weeks before election day, Andrew Cuomo is all set to raise his profile. Before this, Cuomo had reportedly turned down requests to appear on Sunday morning political talk shows and do sit-downs because he cannot handle any real questions. But come Tuesday, and Cuomo’s interview on CBS will impress a few liberals.

Though his spokeswoman declined to comment if this will be the only appearance the governor is expected to make. Speculations are rife that he will in fact do the whole circuit by appearing for interviews, sit-downs, and a piece for the USA Today. This piece will not be challenging though for the governor; it will be a cake walk. He would not tread so well on the No Spin Zone says many political pundits for example.

Barnes and Nobles, Union Square―the same book shop where Hillary Clinton tried to promote her new book that fell on deaf ears just some months back also features prominently on Cuomo’s list of things to do. He will be signing copies of his new memoir “All Things Possible” outside the store on Wednesday. There may be about 10 Democrats who voted for him who show up.

All these appearances will do very little in raising Cuomo’s public profile in the election race―his economic results are ho-hum and he is not charismatic. His strategy can also be seen as proof of his strong ambitions for a long political career with sights to keep on winning. He loves politics since there is not any job for him in the private sector according to some of his enemies but there they would expect him to actually work. For those who still hold a grudge against him (more specifically his divorce lawyers) for a bitter and public divorce some years back, the memoir is the perfect balm to soothe angry nerves.

Flying Out Soon

It is also being speculated that in the coming days, Cuomo may leave his state for pre-election trips to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The visit is expected to establish a connection between Cuomo and the large Puerto Rican and Dominican vote bank in New York City. His policies are the reason this demographic is sitting on 10% or greater unemployment rate. Outstanding job Cuomo