A Gold River man has been sentenced to more than 17 years in prison for hiding his assets and fraudulently filing for bankruptcy during an acrimonious divorce to avoid paying his ex-wife and children child support.

Greed & Avarice

According to reports, Steven K. Zinnel, and his wife split in 1999. However, their divorce proceedings were prolonged since they had to resolve many contentious issues. In 2001, Zinnel told his wife via email that she would get nothing from him including child support as he was going to file for bankruptcy.

Zinnel does even like his children! Now Zinnel will see nothing but his wealth vanish. This is a man who was just misguided. Apparently he should have signed a pre-nuptial agreement.

Zinnel Opened this Can of Worms Himself

Zinnel then proceeded to place his assets worth millions of dollars in other people’s names and used shell corporations to hide his income. He succeeded in his efforts to reduce his child support obligations. He also asked the FBI to investigate his former wife. When they did so, the FBI discovered his fraudulent schemes and Zinnel has now been imprisoned. He was sentenced for lying to the family and bankruptcy courts.

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Hire a Fine Attorney

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