There is no dearth of fraud in this world. Take for instance the recent lawsuit filed in a federal court in Atlanta which alleges that Gaston Glock, founder of the worldwide famous company for firearms, cheated his wife and partner of millions of money. The lawsuit accuses Glock of conspiring with associates to “push out” his ex-wife, who also happened to be his business partner for 50 years, from the company and steal her share of the company’s profits amounting to millions of dollars.

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After Divorce, Glock Conspired against Ex-wife

Helga Glock, wife of Gaston Glock, has said that her husband was part of a worldwide racketeering scheme that was aimed at taking away the money that was rightfully hers as a business partner in the profitable Glock company. Helga was divorced from Gaston Glock in 2011, and her divorce attorneys had not made any such claims, and not even alluded to any fraudulent behavior on Gaston’s part, at the time of the court proceedings.

But now, the miffed ex-wife is accusing her former husband of using various criminal methods―including improper royalty payments, laundering money through fraudulently built billing companies, and creating sham lease and loan agreements―to rob her of her share of the company’s assets.

Helga accuses Gaston Glock in her lawsuit of living a life of a man used to “fun money” who loved to “cavort with women around the world”. The lawsuit also states that Gaston has apparently used the company’s money to buy homes for his mistresses in the Atlanta area, and that he regularly engages in unscrupulous business practices. In fact, it was this lifestyle and hedonistic nature that Gaston enjoys, which was at the root of the couple’s divorce in 2011 say divorce attorneys.

Helga Glock, wife of Gaston Glock, is not making him very happy anymore.

The details of the lawsuit also include dirt on Gaston’s daily behavior and his ill-treatment of his family members. Helga’s lawsuit seeks to portray Gaston as an aging King Lear who is adamant on harassing and terrorizing members of his own family.

Company Representatives Dodge Calls

Lawyers who have previously represented Glock Inc. in various legal disputes where unable to be reached for a comment on the recent issue. Gaston Glock’s divorce lawyer who handled his separation from Helga too was out of reach. Interestingly, the receptionist at the Glock headquarters in the US was highly evasive when contacted on phone. She asked media persons to contact the company’s lawyer directly for a quote, but hung up before giving out a name or number. Further calls and voice messages were left unattended.

The lawsuit asks for a jury trial and seeks potential total damages in the vicinity of $500 million, along with attorney’s fees. Helga has also asked for a judge to look into the misconduct and unscrupulous business ethics of the defendants named, and stop their misconduct. Helga’s divorce attorneys had previously asked courts for help in retrieving financial records of the company’s American holdings for the Austrian divorce proceedings. The current lawsuit marks the second time that Helga has taken up arms against her former husband in court.