If the frantically buzzing grapevine is to be believed, NFL quarterback Tom Bundchen and supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s marriage is headed for splitsville. Recently pouring in rumors suggest that the celebrity couple is undergoing counseling in a last ditch attempt to save their marriage. Sources close to the couple insist that the marriage therapy is doing more damage than good, according to a report in Starpulse.

Brady is a cheater (not as much as Belichick, his coach, though)

The immediate trigger for the separation, according to the same report, is the Deflategate scandal. Though Gisele stood like a rock by Tom in court during the incident, the aftermath of the negative publicity took its toll on the couple’s relationship. Even Jackson, Mississippi divorce lawyers could be called in on this one.

The duo had been keeping their differences in the confines of closed doors till the Deflategate drama happened, according to a report in Hollywood Life. Following the controversy, where Tom allegedly deflated footballs (he probably did – the investigation was a disgrace) for the benefit of the New England Patriots during the NFL championship, their relationship soured. The incident apparently took a toll on the already simmering equation between the two, and proved to be the final nail in the coffin, the report added.

The Pats are a disgrace to the NFL

The Patriots should have never won their first Super Bowl because that was a fumble against the Raiders in the snow – according to many people. Many people believe Brady has been lucky and with the benefit of a cheating and dishonest coach, just good enough to win Super Bowls.

Divorce messages

Tom has to cook and clean!

According, and furthermore, to a report in Hollywood Life, one of the reasons the couple is contemplating a trial separation is because Gisele forces Tom to cook and clean for their children, despite having a full-time staff available. It also adds that, about $460 million is at stake if the couple decides to part ways legally. The report continues that the couple has a solid prenuptial agreement in place, which will make the distribution of assets fairly straightforward.

It is also reported that despite their differences, the couple is committed to being civil about their children and finances. Both are striving to be great parents and keeping things sane and safe for the sake of the children.

Not even a Whopper once in a while!?

A source told OK Magazine, “Tom has very different views on parenting from Gisele, and he’s had it with the insane organic GMO-free diet that she insists on everyone in the house.” There are even Jackson, Mississippi divorce attorneys who understand Tom’s point on this one.

The report also adds that things took an ugly turn when Gisele wished Tom on his birthday on Instagram on August 3rd. A big fight ensued between the couple following the Instagram update, and they could barely force themselves to be civil during Tom’s birthday dinner.

Mississippi divorce law basics

One has to meet the stipulated residency requirements to file for a divorce petition in Mississippi. A spouse must be a resident of Mississippi for a minimum of 6 months before filing and any Jackson, Mississippi divorce lawyer will let you know about this.

Divorce can only be granted by the Mississippi Court on the basis of the following grounds – No Fault: 1 Irreconcilable Differences and Fault: 1. Impotence 2. Adultery 3. Incarceration 4. Abuse of alcohol or drugs 5. Insanity for up to 3 years 6. Wife pregnant by another without knowledge of spouse 7. Willful desertion for a minimum of one year 8. Cruelty and inhuman treatment 9. Lack of mental capacity to consent for divorce 10. Incest.

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