Former British supermodel Agyness and ex friends actor Giovanni Ribisi are headed for splitsville after three years of marriage. Apparently, they have been living separately since December 2014 according to divorce attorneys.  Giovanni and British model Agyness married in June 2012. Their marriage announcement in June 2012 took Agyness’s relatives by surprise. The ceremony took place at the Los Angeles County Registrar.

Agyness recently wrapped up the shooting for the period drama Sunset Song, in which she plays Christ Guthrie.  She landed her first role as an actress in the British movie, Electricity, last year.

Giovanni is famous for his role as Phoebe’s little brother, Frank Jr., in Friends, and for the movie Ted, Contraband, Avatar, Lost in Translation, Gone in 60 Seconds, Flight of the Phoenix, and so on. He has also acted in over 40 films and more than 20 television shows. Giovanni is an active scientologist and when Agyness was asked to comment on his so-called religion, more of a cult, by the Interview magazine, she chose to downplay it.

Mississippi courts debate on same sex marriages and divorce

The Mississippi top court is battling a dilemma, which is granting a divorce to a same sex marriage that is not legally permitted in the state. Lauren Czekala-Chatham and Dana Ann Melancon were married in 2008 in California, and Czekala-Chatham filed for divorce in 2013 in Mississippi. Her divorce attorney told the top court that it should find a way to grant a divorce to the two women despite most people in this state believing two woman being married is not real and not to be taken serious.

Options before the court

One of the options before the state’s Supreme Court includes waiting for the US Supreme Court’s decision on the legality of gay marriages. US District Judge Carlton Reeves had overturned the law and constitutional amendment last year in Mississippi which was opposed by the state. The state appealed to the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and there was a stay on the judge’s ruling.

If the US Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriages, which would make gay marriages legal across all the states in the US, it would mean that Czekala-Chatham could then obtain a divorce in Mississippi.

Other options include finding a way to grant dissolution without impacting the constitutional amendment and law.


Czekala-Chatham said that she was being criticized by other same sex couples for putting gay marriage in bad light. She said that her marriage interfered in everything she did, including filing her tax returns. Her divorce attorney said that since his client had travelling rights, she had a separate right to seek divorce in Mississippi and the same should be granted. However, divorce was still granted to others who are not allowed to marry in Mississippi, such as first cousins, according to Associate Justice Randy Pierce.

Making a mockery of marriage

Associate Justice David Chandler said that there was no way the court could grant a divorce in Mississippi because doing so would mean that the state had to first legalize same sex marriages. In another similar situation in St. Louis, two men were married in Iowa, but filed for divorce stating incompatibility in Missouri, where gay marriages are not legal.