While hundreds of thousands of members of the LGBT community are passionately fighting for the right to get married, thousands of others are doing everything in their power to get divorced in a hassle free and inexpensive manner, reports Newsweek. Nearly 12 states in the country has passed legislation which essentially makes it harder for couples to break up. In such states, getting divorced is a lengthy, time-consuming, frustrating, and an unreasonably expensive affair.

Well, take the pre-marriage class then and do not rush into things.

For instance, state law in Oklahoma makes it mandatory for divorce applicants to go through hours and hours of parenting classes if they attempt to acquire a divorce certificate while having children together.

Likewise, Massachusetts, Arizona, Utah, and several other states all have laws in place which make it rather complicated for spouses to legally separate, especially in cases where they have children together. The best attorneys in these states, many of them found on the astounding site USAttorneys.com, will inform you all about this.

Arkansas has set a 540-day time period which they call ‘processing time’ where couples have to apply for a divorce and wait indefinitely. In some other states, you need to be separated from your spouse for a minimum of one year before you or your divorce attorney can even consider filing for divorce.

Proponents: tougher divorce laws will save families from being ripped apart

According to some divorce attorneys and family court judges, such legislation saves children from having to go through the experience of their parents splitting up. Supposedly, the long waiting periods and lengthy divorce proceedings often diffuses the hostility between spouses and even saves marriages and families. However, some legal experts and others do not agree with this point of view.

Some believe that people, especially parents, should be allowed the benefit of the doubt as they usually care about their children’s future more than anybody else. Many term the legislation as unfair and unnecessary but these are people that do not understand children’s stress and adult personal responsibility. People think twice before getting divorced while it is a personal matter which shouldn’t be influenced by restrictive legalities. This could be true but if they have children this falls by the wayside.

Protecting the family should be the main focus

Most if not all the politicians that support such stringent divorce laws are also the same people that are strongly against same-sex marriages. They have been accused of pushing for divorce prevention which a lot of opponents believe is really none of their business. But these people do not care about the sanctity of marriage and do not believe America became the most powerful country in the world because of the strength of the family. The family, according to many people, is one of the reasons America became and still is so powerful.

Some people believe certain secular forces want to undermine the American family and therefore the American fabric.

Do you have that much in common?

However, some proponents have another approach and claim that making divorce laws tougher will also lead to people weighing their decision to marry more carefully. The proponents claim that people will be forced to think it over and deliberate getting married if they know it is going to be very difficult to get divorced.