A divorce lawyer will help you take that first step and stand by you until the successful conclusion of your case.

Charlotte, NC- Is your marriage not working? Are thinking about getting a divorce in Charlotte but don’t know where to begin? It’s okay; most couples don’t know where to begin once they’ve decided to divorce. Here USAttorneys will cover some of the basics of getting a divorce in the state, so you know how to kick off the divorce process.

First, we recommend you retain a divorce lawyer in near your Charlotte location to advise you and help you resolve your divorce as soon as possible. Untangling your finances and resolving disputes over child custody and asset division are complicated undertakings that you require the assistance of an expert.

North Carolina requires couples to live apart for a year before they can even file for divorce. Once you meet that requirement, you can them decide if you want to file for a no-fault or a fault divorce.

A no-fault divorce is the quickest method and is appropriate in most cases. This type of divorce allows couples to dissolve their marriages without having to prove any wrongdoing on behalf of their estranged spouse. A no-fault divorce is quick if you and your estranged spouse can resolve child custody issues, split up their assets and deal with any other vital matters.

Let USAttorneys help you find a Charlotte lawyer to help you with your divorce.

Your other option for dissolving your marriage is to file for a fault divorce, a method that alleges the marriage is broken because on spouse did something wrong. A fault divorce is appropriate for the following reasons: abandonment, incarceration, adultery and abuse. If you wish to file for a fault divorce, we recommend you get someone with legal expertise to explain what to expect as your divorce proceeds.

Take note; a fault divorce can take a long time to resolve, so think carefully before you choose this route. Also, decisions in a fault divorce are taken out of your hand and given to a judge to decide which means you may not get the results you anticipated, and you could end up being very disappointed.

Before you file for divorce in Charlotte, you also show that you have lived in the state for at least six months before filing. A judge must wait 30 days after your initial filing to sign off on your divorce.

A divorce lawyer will help you take that first step and stand by you until the successful conclusion of your case.

Under North Carolina divorce laws, one spouse is allowed to seek financial support if necessary their survival or needed to maintain their usual standard of living. Spousal support is common if a husband or wife sacrificed their careers to take care of their children.

When it comes to child custody, North Carolina considers the best interest of a child when trying to determine who will get custody. A lawyer can help you, and your spouse resolve this issue and ensure you are happy child custody arrangments.