Former neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of shooting Trayvon Martin, a teenager who refused to answer some basic questions to avoid any confrontation and to lift any suspicion any normal watch volunteer would rightly have, has now filed a counter suit to his wife’s suit in the divorce proceedings she instituted against him when he was in jail.

Why was Martin not studying for school that night? Is this another example of a public school failure? Well, Zimmerman had no idea this young man was unarmed and only wanted to make sure Martin did not just leave someone’s apartment after robbing them. Before this, this complex had some complaints about some illegal break-ins.

Total Chaos

Zimmerman’s wife had filed for divorce in September last year and served him the papers when he was in jail with regard to a domestic violence case that involved a former girlfriend that has since been dropped.

Share the Debt

As Zimmerman had failed to respond to his wife’s petition, the divorce court had awarded the decree in favor of his wife. However, Zimmerman has now filed a counter suit claiming that he did not respond to the suit earlier because he never received the papers, believed to have been lost in jail. As such Zimmerman has asked that the court decide the distribution of any personal property and also asked that his wife Shellie Zimmerman share in any debt incurred during the marriage.

This circus is almost as goofy as watching the State Department run from any Benghazi questions.

When a marriage ends acrimoniously, you need to ensure that you retain an experienced divorce lawyer to represent you. This will help you to protect your financial interests. If your spouse or former spouse files a suit in court asking for a greater share of the property, your lawyer will be able to alert you to this and ensure that your views on the matter are also represented in court.

Hope for the Best

While property and financial assets are held in common during a marriage, when a couple decides to divorce, they need to untangle their finances and split the assets and liabilities. If there are disputes regarding this, then you need to file a suit in the divorce court and ask your lawyer to represent your case as you allow the court to decide on a fair settlement.

Zimmerman should probably remain single for a while so he can get his life back in order.