George Zimmerman MugshotFt. Lauderdale, FL- In his divorce documents, George Zimmerman claims he has no income, no assets and is flat broke despite spending over $3,000 a month and taking periodic vacations.

The Orlando Sentinel obtained a copy of Zimmerman’s divorce documents in which he claimed to have no monthly income, no home and no job. But he is able to afford $200 a month for psychological counseling, an additional $150 for medical care and $100 a month for vacations.

He wrote in his affidavit  he spends $3,304 a month, but has no monthly income. His most valuable asset is his truck worth $14,000.

After shooting 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, which he claimed was self-defense, Zimmerman quit his job and went into hiding. His wife Shellie joined him in hiding and stood by him for some time, but two months after he was acquitted, she filed for divorce.

Prior to and during his trial for shooting Martin, Zimmerman collected nearly $400,000 to pay his legal fees. On top of his legal fund, Zimmerman earned a $100,000 for selling a self-portrait in EBay for $100K. However, his legal defense fund has only $300 and he still owes his defense attorneys $2.5 million.

Where is all that money coming from? And more importantly what is he doing with it? While we can only speculate about what Zimmerman is doing with his money, there are numerous ways in which a spouse can hide their money in divorce.

Divorce attorneys see deception over finances all the time; they know where to look and how to find those assets so their clients aren’t cheated in the final divorce settlement. Hiding assets in divorce can get a person in trouble, but some spouses would rather deal with the consequences than give it to their estranged spouse.

Transferring funds from a joint account to a single account is the most common and effective way to hide assets from spouse. It’s also effective to transfer funds into a friend’s account and once the divorce is finalized the funds can be easily be transferred back into the divorcing spouses account.

If one of the divorcing spouses owns their own business then they have plenty of opportunities to hide their assets and keep their ex from getting the settlement they deserve. The most effective way is to overestimate expenses either by charging vacations to the business or hiring friends or family for bogus positions or as consultants. Buying expensive items on a business account and selling those assets later is yet another effective way of concealing assets.

The list of way to hide assets in divorce could go on and on. The important thing is for people to understand how easy it is and take steps to protect themselves since divorce and money can bring out the worst in people. When you retain a divorce attorney, you can have confidence knowing someone is on your side, fighting to make certain you are protected and you get the divorce settlement you deserve.