Billionaire, hypocrite, and anti-American George Soros is in the news again. And this time, not for his money making skills, support of high taxes or regulations that keep thousands of people unemployed, or his decisions that damage small businesses, but for the messy divorce of his eldest son Robert.

The eldest Soros son followed in his father’s financial footsteps and holds a top post with the family investment fund because his dad gave it to him. But, it seems he has also inherited his father’s famous penchant for women and womanizing. This is a strong Democratic trait, see Bill Clinton. Robert now has his eyes on a naked artist Miss Ostrom who does not seem to have any particular skill but she does like to get paint on her body which is apparently art to people. Well, she can wear a bikini and look appealing in it and perhaps this is what Robert wants now, someone he can take to the beach.

The 50 year old Soros filed for divorce from his wife of 22 years last week in a Manhattan Supreme Court. Robert is married to photographer and filmmaker Melissa Robin Schiff and many people wonder why he ever did that. The couple got married in 19922 at Temple Emanu-El in New York. And while the couple has decided to part ways, the pre-nuptial agreement and it’s murky language can be a bone of contention for both. There is a lot there to be fought over, sources close to the couple say. But thankfully, there is no children and child custody in the picture as Melissa and Robert’s son and daughter are both college-age.

Fortunes and fights

The combined fortunes of the couple amounts to a lot. There is a West 11th Street townhouse that is reportedly valued at around $13 million, a Rhinebeck country home called Enterprise Farm, and a $9 million waterfront cottage in Martha’s Vineyard. Along with this, Robert and Melissa have also been ardent supporters of social causes like reproductive rights, Democratic politics, and the arts. It surely does not look to be an easy divorce where either party would be willing to give up on what they think they are entitled to.

Melissa has reportedly hired powerhouse divorce attorney Bernard Clair, whose recent list celebrity clients includes top names like Simon Cowell’s ex, Lauren Silverman, and Jason Hoppy who has hired the top attorney for his divorce with Bethany Frankel.

Clair has declined to comment on the divorce proceedings except to say that he hopes the matter will be viewed with requisite degree of privacy and respect that the couple deserves.

Robert’s new girlfriend

The reason for the split is supposed to be 37 years old Meredith Ostrom, who was once involved with Duran Duran star Nick Rhodes. The pair have been spotted painting the town red at several occasions including a Manhattan restaurant opening and a black-tie dinner last month. Meredith Ostrom is a model-turned-artist who is well known for her naked performance art. She has given many such performances and her most notable one was for composer Michael Nyman in London in 2009 when she performed live behind a canvas screen. Miss Ostrom has also appeared on the silver screen. In 2003, she was part of the rom-com Love Actually, and then in 2006 as Andy Warhol’s muse Nico in Factory Girl.

The Soros’s are not Big on Loyalty & Honor

Robert’s taste in women certainly mirrors that of his father. George Soros married his third wife Tamiko Bolton last year. He is still embroiled in a bitter court battle with his ex-girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr who has sued the billionaire for allegedly going back on his word to buy her a Manhattan apartment.