Although the debonair and dashing George Clooney was reportedly photographed along with a woman whose identity has not yet been disclosed, he is still going strong with Monika Jakisic, the Croatian sensation to some (others say she is not that pretty), according to a reported of U.S. Weekly. An insider divorce lawyer friend stated that Monika and George were indeed dating.

Clooney Traded Down it Seems

He also explained that the duo was first hooked up to each other in 2004. However, the fling has been rekindled in the September of 2013, after Clooney split with Stacy Keibler (who many believe is fabulous and cute simultaneously). Sources have revealed that although Monika is not yet Clooney’s official girlfriend, she visits him every night.

This will Last 3 Months

Monika is a 33 year old London based model and Clooney is presently shooting in London for his upcoming feature film The Monuments Men. According to a divorce attorney who is also a common friend, George and Monika have an incredible connection with each other. They held hands as they danced together at a nightclub in London. George has been in constant touch with her through calls and texts and has not been leaving her free ever since the fire rekindled.

Clooney needs to Meet to His Angelina

Last week though, there were rumors that George had moved on from his Monika fetish when he was reportedly spotted by divorce attorneys, getting cozy inside a car with a different damsel. This woman was barrister Amal Alamuddin who was with him after grabbing a quick dinner at the Berners Tavern, London. However, sources have divulged that the meeting was of completely nonromantic nature and that Alamuddin was simply a friend. Whatever.

Good Times

Monika Jakisic however, is essentially more than a friend. During a very recent date, at The Connaught, which is a London based hotel, the two were up chatting well ahead of midnight. George was triggering spirals of laughter out of his lady while they both were holding hands. It surely appeared that they were indeed having a nice time. Well, at least Clooney is on fire with the ladies while his friend Barack Obama is being clubbed over Benghazi and a health care system that no one read before they signed off on it.