A woman from Ohio, who was wrongly granted a same-sex divorce only to then be denied the divorce by a judge, has now once again applied for divorce in the wake of the recent ruling by the US Supreme Court. She is totally motivated to run away from this other woman she cannot wait to receive an official divorce.

Immorality legalized

The ruling essentially legalized same-sex marriage throughout the country, as a result of which all states will be required to recognize same-sex marriages and are hence obliged to dissolve or end marriages upon lawful application from one or both of the parties involved, as reported by dispatch.com.

In this case, the Ohio woman filing for the divorce is Brenda Mohney who is still technically married to Erin O’ Leary on paper. They pair wed in 2008 in California (where same-sex marriage was already legal as well as sanctuary cities) but have been separated from over a year now.

Previously, Mohney and O’Leary was inadvertently handed a divorce by Judge George McCarthy. However, McCarthy reversed the verdict in December of 2014 as soon as he learnt that both parties were women and that it was a same-sex marriage which wasn’t recognized in the state of Ohio. This is why you should have a fantastic and committed divorce attorney which can be picked off the site USAttorneys.com because they have a backup plan and know this system.

He even made a statement which expressed that the reversal of his decision had nothing to do with his personal opinions regarding homosexuality. It was simply a matter of legal technicalities which did not allow him to grant the couple their divorce. Of course he could have been saying that since he did not want to be disliked, he could very well know that gay marriage is not natural.

Furthermore, Justice McCarthy also correctly predicted at the time that the issue at hand was an outstanding nationwide issue and that courts higher than his own would eventually pass a conclusive and permanent ruling on the matter. Divorce attorneys licensed to practice in Ohio are in agreement that the new application for divorce filed by Mohney will be successful as Ohio now recognizes same-sex marriages because they were forced too just like a country ran by a dictator. Many states do not recognize this new law but have been forced to comply as if this was Cuba.

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Divorce of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: There is more to it than what meets the eye

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were married for a long time, well, at least when compared to most other Hollywood marriages. However, the fact a divorce attorney filed for their divorce exactly ten years and one day into their marriage is no coincidence, according to fortune.com.

Ben’s political correctness and not willing to admit that radical Islam exists is disturbing to most Americans who have not been infected by the political correctness disease. On top of this, many people are upset that he is the new batman. Their divorce could be complicated as well.

Long term marriages and the advantages

There are some inherent advantages of applying or getting divorced after ten years. As sources have reported many a times, the pair was separated for several months prior to the filing. The reason they waited it out is because as per California state law, a ten-year marriage (or longer) is classified as a long term marriage and allows for the lesser earning spouse to petition for higher amounts of spousal support and alimony payments and for a longer period of time.

Of course, this is only an advantage when two spouses are in agreement and have an arrangement in place where the higher paid spouse is voluntarily willing to support the other spouse even after separation. Another possible reason for waiting it out is the fact that a long-term marriage with a pre-existing prenuptial agreement will benefit with an added monetary aspect.